Glossary for the subject CIE4310

Abutment landhoofd That part of the valley side against which the dam is constructed, or the approach embankment in case of bridges which may intrude some distance into the waterway.
Antinode Buik (van trilling) See LOOP.
Apron stortebed, bodembescherming (lett. beschermlap, Layer of stone, concrete or other material to protect the toe of a structure against scour.
armouring beschermen, pantseren
Backwash terugstroming (in golfoploop) (1) See BACKRUSH. (2) Water or waves thrown back by an obstruction such as a ship, breakwater, or cliff.
bank oever
bar bank (zandbank)
bar zandbank
bed bodem
Bed load Bodemtransport The quantity of sediment moving along the bed by rolling, jumping or sliding with at least intermittent contact.
Bed protection Bodembescherming A (rock) structure on the sea bed or on the bed of a river or estuary in order to protect the underlying bed against erosion due to current and/or wave action.
bend scour bochterosie Erosion in (the other part of) a river bed
bow boeg Front part of a ship
brushwood rijshout thin, flexible branches of wood (usally Osier)
Clogging Dichtslibben
coherent samenhangend
cohesive cohesief Soil material consisting of fine particles which are in some way bonded (in contradiction to loose sand) like clay
collapse in elkaar storten Collapsing breakers - breaking occurs over lower half of wave, with minimal air pocket and usually no splash up. Bubbles and foam present.
collide botsen
concrete beton
constriction vernauwing
construction bouw, uitvoering, constructie
Core Boorkern A vertical cylindrical sample of the bottom sediments from which the nature and stratification of the bottom may be determined.
Cover layer Toplaag The outer layer used in a revetment system as protection against external hydraulic loads
crest kruin top part of a construction
Crown wall Borstwering Concrete superstructure on a RUBBLE MOUND.
culvert duiker underground connection for water of limited size
cusp interferentie piek
debris rommel, afval
downrush terugstromen (in golfoploop)
drag slepen - trekken - stromingsweerstand
Eddy Wervel, neer A circular movement of water formed on the side of a main current. Eddies may be created at points where the main stream passes projecting obstructions or where two adjacent currents flow counter to each other. Also EDDY CURRENT.
equilibrium evenwicht
faggot wiep Bundle of brushwood, with a circumference of approx. 50 cm, as part of a mattress.
fascine mattress zinkstuk mattress made of brushwood
flow slide zettingsvloeiing
Freeboard waakhoogte height of a defence above the still water level
Gabion schanskorf a basket or cage filled with earth or rocks and used especially in building a support or abutment or shoreline
Gravel Grind - kiezel See SOIL CLASSIFICATION.
Groyne (beach groyne) Strandhoofd dam perpendicular to the beach with the purpose to decrease longshore transport
Groyne (river groyne) Krib (rivierkrib) short dam in a river perpendicular to the embankment with the purpose to concentrate the flow in the middle of the river
heave opdrijven heave of the topsoil becasue of overpressure in the underground
hull romp (van schip)
impermeable niet poreus, ondoorlatend
impervious ondoordringbaar
impinge treffen, botsen
incipient motion begin van beweging The moment sand or stones start to move under flow conditons
inflection buigen
interface grensvlak, overgang
Iribarren number Iribarrengetal dimensionless parameter to descibe wave-structure interaction, the ratio between structur slope and wave steepness
jet straal
leach uitlogen
leakage lek
liquefaction zettingsvloeiing saturated sand behaving like a fluid
Momentum Impuls product of mass and velocity
Node knoop (van trilling) That part of a STANDING WAVE where the vertical motion is least and the horizontal velocities are greatest. Nodes are associated with CLAPOTIS and with SEICHE action resulting from wave reflections. Compare LOOP.
nozzle tuit
Orbital movement Orbitaalbeweging The flow of water accompanying the orbital movement of the water particles in a wave. Not to be confused with wave-generated LITTORAL CURRENTS.
orifice opening van de uitstroming
pier pijler, pier
pitch zetten (plaveien) Placing blocks in a regular pattern in a revetment
plunge duiken
propeller race schroefstraal
protrude uitsteken
quarry steengroeve an excavation or pit from which building stone is obtained by cutting, blasting, etc.
quicksand drijfzand Loose, yielding, wet sand which offers no support to heavy objects. The upward flow of the water has a velocity that eliminates contact pressures between the sand grains and causes the sand-water mass to behave like a fluid.
rectifier gelijkrichter
Revetment Steenzetting, bekleding A facing of stone, concrete, etc., built to protect a scarp, embankment, or shore structure against erosion by wave action or currents.
Riprap breuksteen, stortsteen A protective layer or facing of quarrystone, usually well graded within wide size limit, randomly placed to prevent erosion, scour, or sloughing of an embankment of bluff; also the stone so used. The quarrystone is placed in a layer that is at least twice the thickness of the 50 percent size or 1.25 times the thickness of the largest size stone in the gradation.
run-down golfterugloop
run-up golfoploop The rush of water up a structure or beach on the breaking of a wave. Also UPRUSH, SWASH. The amount of runup is the vertical height above still-water level to which the rush of water reaches.
saturated verzadigd
scour ontgronding, uitschuring Removal of underwater material by waves and currents, especially at the base or toe of a shore structure.
Seepage kwel
segregation ontmenging
settlement zetten (van grond)
Settlement zetting Vertical changes in the thickness of a soil layer due a load on top of this layer
Shallow Ondiep water Shallow water: (1) Commonly, water of such a depth that surface waves are noticeably affected by bottom topography. It is customary to consider water of depths less than one-half the surface wavelength as shallow water. See TRANSITIONAL ZONE and DEEP WATER. (2) More strictly, in hydrodynamics with regard to progressive gravity waves, water in which the depth is less than 1/25 the wavelength; also called VERY SHALLOW WATER.
shear stress schuifspanning
sheet pile damwand
sill drempel Shallow area in a gap, usually created as a foundation for a dam or an other structure
slags slakken
slide afschuiving sliding of a part of a ground body (usually with slope) because of exceedance of the internal shear strength
spill morsen
split-barge splijtbak
spur-dike krib, scherm
Stern achtersteven, hek
Surf Branding The wave activity in the area between the shoreline and the outermost limit of breakers. Se also SURF BEAT and SURF ZONE
Surf Similarity parameter Iribarrengetal dimensionless parameter to descibe wave-structure interaction, the ratio between structur slope and wave steepness
surge deinen The name applied to wave motion with a period intermediate between that of the ordinary wind wave and that of the tide, say from 1/2 to 60 minutes. It is low in height, usually less than 0.9 meter (0.3 foot). See also SEICHE.
tailwater benedenwater
threshold drempel
tug sleepboot
Uprush omhoog stromen in golfoploop The rush of water up onto the beach following the breaking of a wave. Also SWASH, RUNUP.
voids poriën
vortex, eddy neer, wervel A circular movement of water formed on the side of a main current. Eddies may be created at points where the main stream passes projecting obstructions or where two adjacent currents flow counter to each other. Also EDDY CURRENT.
wake zog (van schip)
water-borne vanaf het water (lett. door het water gedragen)