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Krayenhoff Map at a scale of 1:115,200 (facsimile edition)

The Batavian Republic was proclaimed in 1795 and a new administrative organisation was developed in 1798. The government then needed a map of the entire republic. Regional maps in use until that time varied greatly in scale. (These regional maps can be found in the provincial government archives and in the National Archives in The Hague).

Baron C.R.T. Krayenhoff (1758-1840) was commissioned to create an entirely new map. He based his map on the use of a triangulation system applied to the entire country. The taking of measurements and the engraving was done from 1798 to 1822. The first page was printed around 1809; the last revised print was issued around 1870.

The map consists of nine pages at a scale of 1:115.200. The first complete edition of this set of maps was reprinted and issued by the Topografische Dienst Kadaster and is still available. Read the licence!

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Krayenhoffkaart (1829)

I - Zeeland
II - South Holland (The Hague and Leiden)
III - Title page
IV - North Brabant, Limburg
V - North Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland
VI - North-Holland, Friesland
VII  Germany (Pruisen)
VIII - Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland
IX - Groningen, Drenthe

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