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A cooperation project of the Netherlands Ministry of Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat), IHE-Delft and TU-Delft
Frequently asked questions

Questions related to the online version of Cress

I get the message "missing plugin" when I want to make a graph

You need to install in your browser a plugin for flash, see:



Questions related to RWS-Cress

Cress does not work in Vista and Windows7

At this moment Cress does not work in Vista and Windows7.  This is caused by a significant change in the architecture of Windows7, which is not backwards compatible. Adapting Cress to this is an large task. Because we do not want the risk that with every change of a Microsoft programme we have to do major changes in Cress, we have decided to follow a different path. See the question about Cress online

However, there is a possibility to run Cress on your Windows 7 or Vista machine (or other operating systems). You have to install the Oracle VM Virtual Box. This Virtual Box works only when you have a bootable se-up CD of your own Operating System. You may download this box from

For users of Windows7 professional also a virtual machine from Microsoft seems to be available (but not for Windows7 home edition). 

Are there upgrades available ?

Available is a new table of contents, as well as some new routines. You can download the new table of contents in English or in Dutch. Replace the old .tbl file in the RWS cress directory by the new one. Some new routines can be downloaded from Upgrade2003. For installation instructions see the enclosed Readme-file.

I can't install Cress, because I  see only installation in Dutch and no installation in English?

Don't worry about the Dutch language; after Installation you can select any language. The procedure is as follows:

Remind that for windows 2000 and NT it my be useful to update some files, see below

When I try to make a graph using the "sensitivity" button, the program stops with a message "class not found" ?

This problem has been encountered on computers with windows 95. The problem is that Cress uses a Microsoft-routine MFC42.dll. You may download this dll from this site. You should place the dll in the windows/systems directory on your computer and run the program "registreer", which is in your Cress directory. Click button "register" and select the file "registreer_all". You see that now all dll's are registered. At the end of the registration procedure, you should see that also the routines UIgraph, UIframe and UItable are registered. After this is done, Cress works as it should.

After downloading and installation I cannot run the program, the program gives the message that there are no rules (may occur in W2000, NT, XP)

This is caused by the fact that the version you have downloaded requires administrator capabilities for the Registry. This can be solved as follows:
- download a new exe-file: rekenregels.exe and overwrite the existing file in "program files\rws cress\"
- download a new bpl-file: rr_basis_5.blp and overwrite the existing file in WINNT\system32\.."
- take care that the file "program files\rws cress\strings.asc" is not write-protected for the user; in case the user has no writing rights on this file, he will not be able to change the language of the package. 
(Executing the above steps may require administrator capabilities, depending on the setting of your system)
Both files can also be downloaded as zipfile.

The help is only in Dutch, how to find Help in English

Unfortunately the English help is not yet completely ready. You may download the HelpUk file. The contents of this file can be placed in the directory ...RWS cress/regels, overwriting the existing files. A number of Dutch files are replaced by English ones. The original Dutch help will remain in the directory RWS cress/registreer. Not all files are available in this way. The other files are only available as .rtf files, and can be downloaded from UKhelpRTF. This zipfile contains the Helpfiles only in rtf-format, and not in WinHelp format. This means that you cannot access them via the Help button in cress, but have to access them outside Cress, using Word. 

As an alternative, you may also go to: where you can find help in detail for various routines. 

Help does not work in the IHE version of Cress

At a certain moment Microsoft decided no longer support their own help-system in newer versions of VisualBasic. Therefore the help function does not work in the CressWin (IHE) package. However you may download the help separately and run it separately

Cress on the Internet

We are at this moment working on an on-line version of Cress. This version will replace the installable version of Cress. It means that you can run Cress directly in your browser. This makes that we do not depend any more on the operating system on your computer (like Windows or MacOS). It also makes it possible to run Cress on your smartphone. As soon as we have an implementation date, you will be informed via this website. Technically most of the work is done, however the funding of this work is not yet completed. 


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