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     Additional data from Rijkswaterstaat

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Via the link Previously observed data you may download data from the Rijkswaterstaat database. This are mainly water quality data, like chemical substances, but also Significant Wave Height, TemperatureWater Height; scroll down in the "please select an observation...." box.
Note that wave period is not available in this way.

However, the script returns a long code. this contains something like: "....wbGETDATA?site=MIV&lang=en&ggt=id22&loc=EURPFM...."

For wave hight one should have ggt=id22. By changing this number, one can get different values:

dcsp is an empty field; note that not all values are available for all stations for all periods.

Alternatively you can select a theme from the "themebox".

After selecting an observation click next, select location.