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Nowadays also many books are available as eBook. These books are stored on the server of the publisher and can be downloaded. Access is granted via your IP number.  Some publishers allow you to download the full book, others only a chapter and some publishers show only one page (which in fact makes it impossible to read the text offline). To browse the eBooks, made available by the TU Delft Library, select the 'eBook' format in the advanced search page. For e-versions of Conference Proceedings is referred to the Conference section of the VKC).

Note1: access is only possible via IP numbers of TU Delft. When accessing eBooks from home or via Wifi, you need to set up a connection via the VPN-client. Note that after switching on the VPN-client, you have to restart your browser (otherwise the book supplier does not recognise you as a TU Delft user).

Note2: some from the ICE (Thomas Telford) are also available for TU Delft users, however they are not yet in the catalogue. You read them via: After searching a book in the catalogue of ICE Virtual Library, you may see the symbol . Publications with this symbol are accessible via your IP number.

Purchase policy

New eBooks will be reviewed by the expert of the library, and when the book seems to be relevant for TU Delft,the book title will be added to the catalogue. However, at that moment the book will not yet purchased.
When you click on such a catalogue entry as first user (in some cases you have to log-in with your NetID), you will get the option to review the book for 5 minutes. When you think this is a book worthwhile to purchase, the book can be requested. The (semi-automatic) purchase order will be executed and within a few (working) hours you (as well as other TU Delft users) will have full access to the e-book. Realise that ordering the book will cost money for TU Delft; so do only request books which you really need !!

Additional digital material

Some books in the (physical) library/StuDoc are accompanied with a CD-ROM. This CD is is not present in the book, but the CD can be downloaded from this site. The CD's are organised according to the departments in the faculty. Also via the link below some digital books can be downloaded which have limited access (only available for staff/students of CiTG).