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Datacenter Hydraulic Engineering

Overview of data collected by the department of Hydraulic Engineering (mainly labdatam from research at the Fluid Mechanics Lab of the department). Contains also some data from third parties.

Datacenter 3TU

The 3TU datacenter contains data collected by the Universities of Delft, Twente and Eindhoven. Via the the Datacenter Hydraulic Engineering you find access to relevant documents in the field of Hydraulic engineering. For a more general search you can go to the search module of the 3TU datacenter.

Open Earth

The Open Earth system is maintained by Deltares. OpenEarth is a free and open source initiative to deal with Data, Models and Tools in marine & coastal science & engineering projects. In current practice, research, consultancy and construction projects commonly spend a significant part of their budget to setup some basic infrastructure for data and knowledge management. Most of these efforts disappear again once the project is finished. As an alternative to these ad-hoc approaches, OpenEarth aims for a more continuous approach to data & knowledge management. It provides a platform to archive, host and disseminate high quality data, state-of-the-art model systems and well-tested tools for practical analysis.