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     Hydraulic engineering works per type

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List of objects per type

The objects are sorted from west to east
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01    Coastal defence structures
0101    Coastal works
010101    Sea dikes
                        Westkappelse Zeedijk
                        Flaauwe Werk
                        Hondbossche zeewering
010102    Offshore breakwaters
                        Newbiggin bay, Detached breakwater
                        Sete, Dellon offshore breakwater
                        Venice - Chioggia inlet, detached breakwater
                        Naples, detached breakwater
                        Alexandria, Cleopatra, Detached submerged breakwater
                        Dubai,World - Shamal protection reef
                        Dubai - Maritime City, detached breakwater
                        Shannah ferry harbour, Offshore breakwater
                        River Trade, Offshore breakwater
                        Okinawa, Kim power plant
                        Akasaki, Offshore breakwater
                        Hitachinaka, Offshore breakwater
                        Onahama, offshore breakwater
010103    Coastal groynes
                        Strandhoofden Noord-Holland
010104    Large scale nourishments
010105    Sand bypass systems
                        Nerang river bypass sysem
                        Tweed River (New South Wales)
010106    Riprap revetments
                        Richmond, CA
                            Cinta Costera, Boulevard
                        Loma Larga platform
                        Loma Larga platform, Protection of water treatment plant
                        Gustavia, St. Barthelemy
                        St. Barthelemy, Jeanne d Arc quay
                        Le Precheur - Martinique, Protection of RD10 coastal road
                        St. Pierre, Martinique
                        Grande-riviere, Martinique, Coastal protection
                        Marigot, Martinique, Coastal protection
                        St. Pierre et Miquelon, Protection of Buttereaux coastline
                        Punta Carretas
                        Garachico, Tenerife, Coastal protection
                        New Hassan II mosque, Casablanca
                        Scarborough, Seawall protecting coastal road
                        Blokkendam Maasvlakte 2
                        Cap Sicie
                        Toga fill platform, 1st stage
                        Toga fill platform, 2nd stage
                        Toga fill platform
                        Beirut north shore
                        Pamandzi airport, Mayotte
                        Muharraq sewage treatment plant
                        Dubai - Maritime City, Sigmoid structure
                        Dubai, Palm Deira Shamal protection (Crown)
                        Hamriyah free zone harbour
                        Muttrah, Protection along Al Bahri road
                        Al Jalali
                        Map Ta Phut, Phase 2
                        Chendering fishing harbour
                        Petrochemical site, Shore Protection
                        Ka Ho
                        Macau airport
                        River Trade, Terminal 38
                        Chang Hua
                        Hibiki Nada
                        Hibiki Nada, Phase 2
                        Nakaminato power plant
                        Hitachinaka power station, Phase 2
                        Ohma nuclear power station
                        Haramachi, External protection of reflecting wall
010107    Intake and outfall structures
                        Mirfa power & desalination plant, Sea walls for cooling water intake
                        Map Ta Phut, Cooling water intake lagoon
0102    Estuarine works
010201    Storm surge barriers
                        IHNC Lake Borgne Surge Barrier
                        Thames barrier
                        Stormvloedkering Hollandse IJssel
                        Saint Petersburg Dam
010202    Estuary dikes
010203    Forshore works
010204    Closure works
01020401    Closure dams
                        Veerse Gatdam
                        Saemangeum Seawall
01020402    Compartment dams
01020403    Discharge sluices
                        Bathse spuisluis
02    River works
0201    Weirs
                        Sluis- en stuwcomplex Hagestein
                        Sluis- en Stuwcomplex Amerongen
0202    Discharge works
020201    Special discharge regulation works
                        Hondsbroeksche Pleij
0203    River works
020301    River dikes
020302    Safety gate
                        Keersluis Limmel
                        Keersluis Cuijck
020303    Closeable gaps in dikes
                        Coupure Diefdijk
                        Kleine Waterpoort (Delfzijl)
                        Grote Waterpoort (Delfzijl)
0204    River improvement and secondary channels
020401    False channels
                        Beerse Overlaat
                        Dijkteruglegging Lent
0205    River normalization
020501    River loop cutoff
                        Bochtafsnijding Maas bij Keent (1938)
020502    River groynes
                        Kribverlaging Waal en Langsdammen
03    Offshore structures
0301    Wind farms
04    Marine Infrastructure
0401    Access channels
                        Southampton approach channel
                        Bahrain approach channel
0402    Breakwaters
                        St. Georg, Alaska
                        Kahului Hawaii
                        French Creek
                        Crescent City
                        Yaquina, South jetty
                        Yaquina, North jetty
                        Ogden Point
                        San Francisco
                        Santa Cruz
                        Costa Azul LNG terminal
                        Galveston, Port entrance jetties
                        Champerico, Fishing harbour
                        Racine, breakwater in Lake Michigan
                        Gun point, Ragged Island, North and South breakwaters
                        Manasquan inlet
                        Puerto de Arica
                        Cabo Caucedo
                        Comeau bay
                        Baie Comeau
                        Caleta la Mision, Tierra del Fuego
                        Comodoro Rivadavia
                        Grande - Riviere
                        Fort Bay Harbour, Saba
                        Galisbay commercial harbour
                        St. Maarten, Acces to cruise liner jetty
                        Philipsburg, St. Maarten
                        Grande-riviere , Martinique
                        Grande-riviere fishing harbour, Martinique, Main breakwater
                        Grande-riviere, Martinique, Shelter for fishing boats
                        Bellefontaine terminal, Martinique
                        Beausejour, Guadeloupe
                        Porto Quequen, West Breakwater
                        Musgrave Harbour
                        Old Pelican
                        Sao Joao da Barra, L-shape breakwater
                        Belmonte, Veracel terminal
                        Fortaleza, Pecem
                        Ponta Delgada
                        Palmeira, Phase 1
                        Funchal, Madeira
                        Puerto Colon, Canary Islands
                        Tenerife 23
                        Tenerife 2
                        Tenerife 1
                        Ensfinge, Las Palmas
                        Esfinge, Las Palmas
                        Las Palmas, Stretch 2
                        Las Palmas, Stretch 1
                        Las Palmas, Stretch 3
                        Gomera, Las Palmas, Breakwater protecting La Esfinge
                            Calladh Mor, Ferry harbour
                        Sines (1980s), West breakwater rebuild
                        Sines (1970s), West breakwater
                        Sines Power Station Harbour, Coal harbour
                        La Coruna
                        La Coruna - Punta Lagosteira
                        Ferrol, Outer port
                        Tory Island, Supply harbour
                        New Hassan II mosque, Casablanca, Temporary breakwater
                        San Ciprian
                        Skopun, Faroe Islands
                        Mazagon marina, Main breakwater
                        San Pedro
                        Bruichladdich, Islay
                            Port Oriel, small (fishing) harbour
                        Tanger container terminal
                        Tanger ro-ro terminal
                            Gijon, Torres
                        Gijon, North breakwater
                        Gijon, Princepe de Asturias
                        Algeciras marina
                        Algeciras, Isla Verde
                        Molene Harbour, Main breakwater
                        Holyhead, Wave-dissipating blocks
                            Levante, Malaga
                        Port Talbot
                        Bilbao, Punte Lucero
                        Mar Chica
                        Joinville, Isle of Yeu
                        St. Catherine, Jersey
                        Puerto do Carboneras
                        Saint-Denis d Oleron marina
                        Ventnor, Wight
                        Tees & Hartlepool
                        Tees & Hartlepool, New breakwater
                        Hartlepool marina, South pier
                        Hartlepool West Harbour, Reconstruction
                            Escombreras. Cartagena, Initial section
                        Escombreras, Cartagena, Southern breakwater
                            Escombreras, Cartagena, South-western breakwater
                            Escombreras, Cartagena, Perimeter breakwater of an islet
                            Valencia, North breakwater
                        Arzew, North breakwater
                        Brighton marina, West breakwater
                        Brighton marina, East breakwater
                            Castellon, Eastern breakwater
                            Castellon, Southern breakwater
                        Le Havre - Port 2000
                        Le Havre - Antifer
                        Botafoc, Ibiza
                        Calais Commercial Port, Eastern breakwater
                            Barcelona, Southern breakwater, stretch 2
                            Barcelona, Southern breakwater, stretches 1 & 3
                        Dunkirk (avant Port Ouest)
                            Barcelona, North mouth
                            Barcelona, East breakwater
                        Aude river, Breakwater in the estuary
                        Algiers, North breakwater
                        Algiers, Mustapha breakwater
                        Gruissan, South jetty
                        Palamos marina
                        Llanca marina and fishing harbour
                        Port Bou marina
                        Zeebrugge, New breakwaters
                        Lagos, Bar Beach protection
                        Frontignan - Sete, Protection of coastal road
                        Sete, Eastern breakwater
                        Fortignan fishing harbour
                        Palavas-les-Flots marina
                        Rotterdam Europoort
                        Scheveningen, Zuiderdam
                        IJmuiden breakwater
                        NIOZ, Texel, sheet pile breakwater
                        Fos industrial port, Roundhead of breakwater
                        Frioul Marina, Main breakwater
                        Marseille, Cyclopean block breakwater
                        Marseille, Outer breakwater
                        Marseille, Pointe rouge
                        Rennesoy ferry terminal
                        Nice, Main breakwater
                        Ospedaletti marina
                        Oneglia commercial port, Main and lee breakwater
                        Galliera, Genoa
                        Genova, Cornigliano
                        Ile Rousse, Main breakwater
                        Cagliari Commerical port, East breakwater
                        Cagliari Industrial Port, Southern breakwater
                        Sidi Mechreg, Main breakwater
                        Bastia commercial port, St Nicolas jetty
                        Bastia, Toga marina
                        Bastia , Toga marina
                        Bastia Commercial Harbour
                        Bizerte Zarzouna fishing harbour, Main and lee breakwater
                        Cap Zabib
                        Ghar el Mehl fishing harbour
                        Rades, Intake canal
                        La Goulette, North breakwater of commercial harbour
                        Hammamet marina
                        Hammamet marina, Main breakwater
                        Beni Khiar fishing harbour
                        Monastir marina
                        Monastir fishing harbour
                        Bekalta, Main and secondary breakwater
                        El Haouaria fishing harbour
                        La Chebba fishing harbour
                        Venice - Malamocco inlet
                        Tuborg Syd, Hellerup
                            Tripoli, Coastal protection
                        Tripoli, Main breakwater
                        Tripoli, Phase 2
                        Dande, Dalia UFL spool base jetty
                        Aspra, Short detatched breakwaters
                        Garabulli fishing harbour, Main breakwater and roundhead of seconda
                        St. Vincenzo, Naples
                        Granili, Naples
                        Cirkewwa ferry terminal
                        Ortona, Extension of main breakwater
                        Gioia Tauro
                        Surt, Main and secondary breakwater
                        Ciro Marina
                        Lynch point marina, Langebaan, Main breakwater
                        Cape Town - Club Mykonos Marina
                        Ras Lanuf
                        Smiala Wisla river, East training wall
                        Luka Bar
                        Patras Port
                        Hammerfest LNG terminal
                        East London
                        Plimiri, Rhodes
                        Idku LNG terminal
                        Damietta Commercial Port, Western and eastern breakwaters
                        Richards Bay
                        Beirut - Movenpick hotel marina
                        Beirut - Central district marina
                        Beirut, Main breakwater
                        Portemilio marina, Main breakwater
                        Poti, Wave-dissipating blocks
                        Urmia, lake shore protection
                        Ehoala, Fort Dauphin
                        Fitnas, Main breakwater
                        Bal Haf LNG terminal
                        Az Zour North Powerplant, twin breakwaters
                        Al Mukalla commercial port
                        Marafiq IWPP
                        Kharg, Gas Gathering and NGL
                        Assaluyeh 1, temporary 2-year shore protection
                        Assaluyeh 2, permanent shore protection
                        Pearl, Beach breakwaters
                        Ras Laffan LNG terminal
                        Ras Laffan LNG terminal, Northern, southern & offshore breakwater
                        Mesaieed, Wave screen of small craft berth
                        Ras Laffan, North Breakwater
                        Kashagan East Field, ice protection breakwater
                        Tombak LNG facility
                        Halul, West breakwater
                        Halul, Main breakwater
                        Halul, East breakwater
                        Pars petrochemical complex
                        Das Island
                        Dalkut fisheries harbour, Main breakwater
                        Dhalkut fisheries harbour, Lee breakwater
                        Neka 1
                        Neka 2
                        Salalah container port
                        Abu Dhabi - Khalifa Port
                        Bandar Lengeh
                        Band Kong
                        Dubai - Palm Jebel Ali, Outer face of crescent island
                        Abu Musa
                        Dubai - Jebel Ali
                        Dubai - Palm Jumeira, outer face of crescent island
                        Dubai - World Shamal reef, low-crested breakwater
                        Dubai - Palm Jumeira, Crescent breakwater
                        Dubai - Drydock
                        Dubai - Maritime City
                        Dubai - Port Rashid
                        Sainte Suzanne, La Reunion, Anti-flooding scheme
                        Fregat Island, Yatch harbour
                        Shahid Rajaee, Bandar Abbas
                            Fujairah, Dhadna Marina
                        Shinas, Main and lee breakwater
                        Sohar industrial port
                        Suwayq fishery harbour, East breakwater
                        Suwayq fishery harbour, West breakwater
                        Asian beach game complex marina, Two breakwaters
                        Duqm, new breakwaters
                        Duqm, Main breakwater
                        Duqm, Lee breakwater
                        Al Nadi Al Bahri marina
                        Bait Al Barakah, As Seeb, Lee breakwter
                        Bait Al Barakah, As Seeb
                        Seeb, Two breakwaters
                        Mina Al Fahal oil terminal, New Jetty
                        Mina Qaboos
                        Muscat, Offshore breakwater
                        Barr Al Jissah
                        Sur fishing harbour
                        Ramin, Chabahar
                        Dahej, Breakwater protecting LNG terminal
                        Hazira LNG terminal
                        Jaigarh Port
                        Kalpeni, L-shaped breakwater
                        Marmagao, wave dissipating blocks
                        Karwar Naval Base
                        Colachel, Lee breakwater
                        Colachel, Main breakwater
                        Tuticorin, East breakwater
                        Colombo, New south breakwater
                        Colombo, Wave-dissipating blocks
                        Karaikal, Private industrial harbour
                        Dikkowita, Fishing Harbour
                        Madras, Wave-dissipating blocks
                        Kattupalli shipyard
                        Ennore Coal Port
                        Kattupalli shipyard, Roundheads of breakwaters
                        Gangavaram deepwater port
                        Kuala Besut
                        Dungun coast, Groynes assisting in beach nourishment
                        Dung Quat
                        Cape Preston
                        Gorgon LNG terminal
                        LNG terminal
                        Akasaki, Secondary breakwater
                        Yura 2nd West
                        Wakayama marina, Promenade breakwater
                        Niigata West Port 2nd
                        Isogo power station
                        Sakata, North breakwater
                        Otaru, North breakwater
                        Haramachi industrial port
                        Higashi Dori
                        Kamaishi Bay
                        Omoto North
                        Hay Point
                        Coffs Harbour
                        We, New Caledonia
                        Tadine, New Caledonia
0403    Basins for sea ports
0404    Marine Locks
                        Sluizencomplex Terneuzen
                        Sluizen van IJmuiden
0405    Canals for seagoing ships
                        Panama canal
                        Nieuwe Waterweg
                        Corinth Canal
                        Suez Canal
0406    Marinas (for seagoing yachts)
0407    Piers and jetties
05    Inland navigation infrastructure
0501    Inland navigation canals
                        Canal Seine Nord
                        Canal du Nord
                        Dortmund-Ems Kanal
                        Rhein - Main - Donau Kanal
0502    Locks for inland navigation
                        Hatton Locks
                        Prinses Máxima Sluizen
                        Three Gorges Dam locks
0503    Inland ports
0504    Inland marinas
0505    Ship lifts
                        Falkirk Wheel
                        L'ascenseur funiculaire de Strepy-Thieu
                        Hellend vlak van Ronquières
                        Schiffshebewerk Henrichenburg
                        Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow
0506    Navigation aquaducts
                        Pontcysyllte Aqueduct
                        Barton Swing Aqueduct
                        Pont-canal de l'Orb
                        Pont-canal de Digoin
                        Kanaalbrug van Sart
                        Aquaduct Steenbergen aan Zee
                        Vliet Aquaduct
                        Aquaduct Ringvaart Haarlemmermeer
                        Rien Nouwen Aquaduct
                        Naviduct Krabbersgat
                        Galamadammen Akwadukt
                        Ee Aquaduct
                        Aquaduct De Geeuw
                        Jeltesloot Aquaduct
                        Houkesloot Aquaduct
                        Prinses Margriettunnel
                        Akwadukt Mid-Fryslân
                        Leppa Akwadukt
                        Aquaduct Langdeel
                        Wasserstraßenkreuz Magdeburg
0507    Crossings of watercourses
050701    Syphons
                        Zeeburggemaal sifon
050702    Culverts
050703    under water tunnels
                        George Massey Tunnel
                        Posey and Webster Street tubes
                        Fort McHenry Tunnel
                        Chesapeake Bay Tunnel
                        Ted Williams Tunnel
                        Limerick Tunnel
                        Jack Lynch Tunnel
                        The Conwy Bypass
                        Second Tyne Tunnel
                        Medway Tunnel
                        Aktio-Preveza Undersea Tunnel
                        Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line
05070301    dug and bored tunnels
05070302    sumerged tunnels
                        Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Bridge-Tunnel
                        Burgemeester Thomassentunnel
                        Piet Heintunnel
                        Feste Fehmarnbeltquerung
                        Cross-Harbour Tunnel
                        Busan-Geoje Fixed Link
                        Sydney Harbour Tunnel
06    Reclamation works
0601    Port and industrial areas
                        Jurong Island
                        Yangshan Port
0602    Housing areas
                        Palm Islands
                        Jakarta waterfront (Garuda)
0603    Agricultural areas
0604    Airports
                        Hong Kong International Airport
                        Kansai International Airport
07    Hydropower
0701    Hydropower dams
                        Grand Coulee Dam
                        Hoover Dam
                        Glen Canyon Dam
                        Theodore Roosevelt Dam
                        Redridge steel dam
                        Robert-Bourassa generating station
                        Guri Dam
                        Usina Hidrelétrica de Itaipu
                        Usina Hidrelétrica de Tucuruï
                        Barragem de Alqueva
                        Barrage de la Grande-Dixence
                        Contra Dam
                        Limmern Dam
                        Porțile de Fier I
                        Porțile de Fier II
                        Aswan Dam
                        Deriner Dam
                        Inguri Dam
                        Nurek Dam
                        Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam
                        Krasnoyarsk Dam
                        Queen Sirikit Dam
                        Xayaburi Dam
                        Xiloudu Dam
                        Longtan Dam
                        Three Gorges Dam
                        Gordon Dam
0702    hydropower (river plants)
                        Waterkrachtcentrale Alphen aan de Maas
0703    Tidal power plants
                        Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project
                        Annapolis Royal Generating Station
                        Usine marémotrice de la Rance
                        Jiangxia Tidal Power Station
                        Uldolmok Tidal Power Station
                        Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Station
0704    Pumping storage plants
                        Castaic Power Plant
                        Ludington Pumper Storage Power Plant
                        Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage Plant
                        Bath County Pumped Storage Station
                        Dinorwig Power Station
                        Centrale de Coo-Trois-Ponts
                        Barrage de Grand'Maison
                        Pumpspeicherwerk Vianden
                        Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Atdorf
                        Kavernenkraftwerk Bad Säckingen
                        Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Waldeck
                        Pumpspeicherwerk Goldisthal
                        Pumpspeicherwerke Hohenwarte
                        Pumpspeicherwerk Markersbach
                        Guangdon Pumper Storage Power Station
                        Huizhou Pumped Storage Station
                        Tainhuangping Pumper Storage Power Station
                        Mingtan Dam
                        Okutataragi Pumper Storage Power Station
                        Tumut Hydroelectric Power Station 3
                        Tumut Hydroelectric Power Station 1
0705    Wave energy plants
                        Mutriku Wave Energy Plant
08    Irrigation and drainage
0801    Dams for irrigation reservoirs
0802    Large scale irrigation works (polders)
                        De Moeren (polder)
                        Zoetermeersche Meerpolder
                        Prins Alexanderpolder
                        Haarlemmermeer (polder)
                        Achtermeer (polder)
                        Starnmeer (polder)
                        Schermer (polder)
                        Heerhugowaard (polder)
                        Anna Paulownapolder
                        Wijdewormer (polder)
                        Beemster (polder)
                        Watergraafsmeer (polder)
                        Wieringermeer (polder)
                        South-North Water Transfer Project
0803    Water intake structures
0804    Pumping stations
                        Edmonston Pumping Plant
                        17th Street Canal Pump Station
                        Shore Road Pumping Station
                        Westonzoyland Pumping Station
                        Claverton Pumping Station
                        Crofton Pumping Station
                        Leawood Pump House
                        Pinchbeck Engine
                        Abbey Mills Pumping Stations
                        Stretham Old Engine
                        Pompgebouw van Bossuit
                        Koning Willem-Alexander gemaal
                        Vakgemaal De Leyens
                        Gemaal De Leeghwater
                        Gemaal De Cruquius
                        Gemaal Koning Willem I
                        Dieselgemaal Alkmaar
                        Stoomgemaal Halfweg
                        Gemaal De Lynden
                        Gemaal De Bolstra
                        Gemaal De Keulevaart
                        Gemaal De Pleyt
                        Gemaal De Koekoek
                        Gemaal De Hoekse Molen
                        Gemaal Lely
                        Gemaal De Blocq van Kuffeler
                        J.L. Hooglandgemaal
                        Gemaal Wortman
                        Stoomgemaal Hertog Reijnout
                        Stoomgemaal De Tuut
                        Gemaal Vissering
                        Gemaal Lovink
                        Ir. D.F. Wouda-gemaal
                        Gemaal Buma
                        Gemaal van Sasse
                        Gemaal Colijn
                        Hollands-Duits gemaal
                        Gemaal Smeenge
                        Gemaal Kandia
                        Stoomgemaal Mastenbroek
                        Gemaal De Waterwolf
                        Gemaal Abelstok
                        Gemaal Schaphalsterzijl
                        Gemaal Stad & Lande
                        Gemaal Den Deel
                        Gemaal De Drie Delfzijlen
                        Gemaal Cremer
                        Nasiriyah Drainage Pump Station
09    Environment supporting works
0901    Fish ladders
                        vistrap gemaal smidsdijk Cothen
0902    Sediment bypass dams
                        Matilija dam bypass
0903    Storage of polluted material
                        Slufter (Maasvlakte)