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A large number of journals and magazines are on-line available. An overview of water related publications is listed below.

Some Journals and Magazines are only available in paper version, or do not have indexed search possibilities. We try to place to place the tables of content of these Journals and Magazines on this page, so that you can locate the appropriate volume. In the table is indicated where the paper volumes are located.

The library maintains a list of e-journals on civil engineering in general. Unfortunately this is a list with all journals we have a subscription on a s TU Delft, so the list is extremely long.

For hydraulic engineering a more specific list, including impact factors is available. 

Some Digital journals of General Interest:

Many (Dutch) journals are indexed in the "Hydrotheek". You may find there:

Link to page in Hydrotheek link to page of publisher Link to TU Delft knowledge centre

Cobouw Cobouw

H2O H20 H2O

De Ingenieur De Ingenieur (full text) van voor 1940
Land + Water Land + water Land + Water
De levende natuur De levende natuur
Neerslag Neerslag

Nieuwsblad Transport Nieuwsblad Transport 

Otar (see below)  Otar
  PIANC-bulletin (OnCourse) PIANC-bulletin (OnCourse)
Riolering Riolering

Schuttevaer Schuttevaer  
Stromingen Stromingen

Technisch Weekblad Technisch Weekblad
Water research Water research
Water science and technology Water science and technology
Water, wonen en ruimte Water, wonen en ruimte
Het Waterschap Het Waterschap Het Waterschap
WT-afvalwater WT-afvalwater

Tables of content of paper journals


Digital versions of journals only available for CiTG

(IP number of CiTG computer required, access only from faculty building or via VPN client)