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On Course (online version available from 2011 onwards)

Copies from before 2011 are scanned. Previously this magazine was called "PIANC Bulletin".

ISBN: 978-2-87223-170-6   ISSN: 0374-1001   EAN: 9782872231706

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nr 147
Dec 2013

D. Ajdari, Z. Ajdari, S. Sanjani, S. Hajirezaee, Z. Zaiton Ibrahim: Coral Relocation in Chabahar Bay, Southeast of Iran, Oman Sea
L. Das Neves: Experimental Study of the Development of Scour at Geotextile Encapsulated Sand Systems
M. Druyts, P. Brabers: Nautical Depth, Rheocable Sounding Method and Maintenance Dredging in Muddy Areas
A. Tavallali , K. De Wit: Water Injection Dredging: Effect of Dredging Sequence and Evaluation of Impact on Ambient Turbidity,
a Case Study of the Port of Calais

A. Tomás Sampedro: Calibration of Wave Reanalysis Databases
F. Tseng, C. Chu, A. Tang: A Complex Geotextile Container Used in the Dredging and Disposal of Contaminated Materials at Victoria

nr 146
Dec 2012
H.D. Jumelet: A Theoretical Approach for the Notional Permeability Factor P
José Luis Almazan Garate, Pilar Parra Serano: Improving the Competitiveness of the Spanish Port System by Optimising the Cargo Handling Service
M. R. A. Khalifa: A Simulation Case Study for a Commercial Hub Port Planning in Particular Reference to Berths Length and Anchorage Capacity
T.M. de Boer, W. Daamen: An Analysis of Vessel Behaviour Based on AIS Data
Ellen Maes: The Locks of the Seine-Scheldt Project: Introducing the Concept of Life Cycle Cost
Gabriele Peschken: The New Guidelines for the Design of Water Sports Facilities
Juha Schweighofer: Research on Climate Change Impacts on the Transportation System of the European Union

nr 145
jan 2012

Ryszard A. Daniel: Some aspects of gate-structure interaction in navigation locks, weirs and flood barriers
Bernhard Söhngen, Nicole Maedel, Lucia Hahne, Ismael Verdugo, Jose Iribarren: Additional navigational widths of island vessels passing cross current fields
Marc van Vooren, Phillippe Hyde, Bram Vandekerckhove, Martin Mesuere: Optimising marine transport and services along the Scheldt sea estuary using a chain approach vessel traffic simulation model

nr 144
nov 2011

Mike Chemaly: Failure of Gansbaai leeward breakwater: fines washout from breakwater core
Keith Mackie: Some thoughts on the economics of dry docks
Jorge Molines: Stability of crown walls of cube and cubipod armoured mound breakwaters

nr 143
Jul 2011

Maurizio Lenzi, Leonello Sciacca, Fausto Valmori, Cesare Melegari, Fabio Maletti, Paola Campana, Vincenzo Padovani: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Underwater Water Ground Anchor
Keith Mackie: Barbados Screwdock Update
María Alejandra Gómez Paz: Container Terminal Capacity: New Formula for the Area Required

nr. 142
jan 2011

Rakesh Srivastava: Cruise Shipping Policy-2008, an Initiative of the Government of India for Recreational Navigation.
Michael J. Briggs: Sensitivity of PIANC Ship Squat Formulas in Unrestricted Channels.
Sylvain Guillou, Julien Chauchat: Damien Pham Van Bang, Duc Hau Nguyen, Kim Dan Nguyen; Simulation du clapage de sédiment avec un modèle à deux phases

nr 141
nov 2010

Thomas Gernay: Optimisation and analysis of lock gates in the framework of the "Seine-Escaut"-Est" waterway upgrading
Jan de Bont: Calculations of the motions of a ship moored with the Moormaster ™ units
Fernando López Mera: Stability analysis of low crested and submerged rubble mound breakwaters based on flow characteristics
P. Osiorio, C. Odenbreit and T. Vrouwenvelder: Structural reliability analysis of quay walls with steel sheet piles

nr 140
aug 2010

Bernhard Söhngen, Jan Kayser: Design of bank and bottom protection

nr 139
Apr 2010

Stephen Cork: Welcome to Liverpool
Tim Beckett: Parallel motion fenders: some design considerations, including the immersion of fender cones
C. I. Robertson and G. Forsyth: Seismic design of hydraulic gates
Martin Clarke: Liverpool Canal Link - Summary of completed works
Nick Clarke: Cruising back to Liverpool
Jan Brooke and Ian White: Climate change mitigation and adaptation measures for inland waterways in England and Wales
Peter Hawkes: Climate change and navigation: waterborne transport, ports and waterways - a review of climate change drivers, impacts responses and mitigation
Matt Simpson: Dredging and sediment management: working with nature?
Gareth Robertshaw: Technical innovations for remote and exposed locations: experiences from the Isle of Scilly Harbour Improvements Project
Philip R. Miles: Refurbishment and reconstruction of the South Hook LNG Import Terminal Jetty
Tony Harvey: Stourport basins restoration- maintaining and building heritage for the future
Ruwaida Edries: Planning a port development at Corito in Anguilla, British West lndies
Robert Kirby: Recent trends in the application of generic sediment management systems

nr 138 feb 2010

B. Decrop, B. De Clercq and J. Vanlede: Eddy-induced cross currents in the Westeschelde estuary: numerical simulation, physical driving mechanisms and navigation assistance
J.L. Almazàn Palomino and P. Pery Paredes: Optimization of the operation unit of the container operator concession-holder (application to the Spanish ports system)

nr 137

oct 2009

Y.J.G. van Kruchten: A probabilistic analysis of the ecological effects of sand mining for the Maasvlakte 2
N.J.C. Fozein Kwanke: Concrete armour units for breakwaters: a study on the structural integrety

nr 136
aug 2009

Andreas Dohms: The Elbe-Lübeck-Canal: a short navigation link from seas into the inland
John Henriksen: Investigation of turbulence characteristics for model cutter suction dredging operation

nr 135

apr 2009

Riita Kjatkari, Taru Halla and Aku Kallio: Systematic project management creates innovative solutions - the port of Kotka case
Eas Sirkiä: Current status and future development of Finnish fairway infrastructure
Kari Avellan and Tarmo Nuurinen: The Takho water route - Juankoski and Karjalankoski canals and locks
S. Horsmanheimo, R. Joro, L. Tuomimäki, A. Hujanen and J. Zidbeck: New approaches to design and estimating visibility of radar reflectors by computational modelling with the aid of novel calculation techniques
Esa Eranti: Ecobureacratic power hampering maritime infrastructure projects
Pentti Lahtinen and Matti J. Niemi: Process stabilisation technology for contaminated sediments: EU Life-Project stable in Turku harbour

nr 134

jan 2009

Spanish Section of PIANC: Analysis of two-dimensional structures using slope stability programs
I. Krämer and S. Woltering: Optimisation of the automobile centre in Bremerhaven
P. Debaillon: Numerical modelling of ship squat

nr 133

oct 2008

William C. Glamore: A decision support tool for assessin the impact of boat wake waves on inland waterways
Guillaume Delefortrie: Manoeuvrability of deep drafted vessels in muddy navigation areas
Maja Fickert: Analyses of the development of the current velocities in the lower Outer Elbe after the fairway deepening in 1999
Andreas Thomas: Subsurface 3D modelling: an application to waterfront project planning and development

nr 132

jul 2008

Nicolas Bour: Seine-Nord Europe Canal: central segment of the Seine-Scheldt waterway link
Benoît Deleu, Bruno Lemaire, Eric Waffelaert, Piere-Yves Guarini and Vincent Wilkin: Canal Seine-Nord Europe: canal alignment and longitudinal profile
Olivier Cazaillet, David Bécart, Piere Cochet and Christian Odeyer: Water supply to the future Seine-Nord Europe Canal
Phillippe Graille, Fabrice Daly, Jean-Noël Maillet and Phillippe Rigo: Seine-Nord Europe Canal: comparison fo two lock concepts with water-saving basins and optimisation of chamber structure
Phillippe Graille, Olivier Cazaillet, Jean-Noël Maillet and Phillippe Rigo: Seine-Nord Europe Canal: hydraulic design of locks
Bruno Lemaire, Guillaume Lagache, Alain Chambreuil, Lionel Kaniewski and Alain Pourplance: Practical capacity and transmit times on teh Seine-Scheldt waterway

nr 131

apr 2008

Yigang Wang and Xi Li: Numerical solutions of berthiong stability by wave-permeable breakwater in Sansha fishing port
Yun Li and Ruikai Zhang: Study on preventig and reducing cavitation of filling and emptying valves for high-head locks
Hu Ya-an, Zhang Rui-kai, Li Yun and b Jun: Research on improving the traffic capacity of the Three Gorges ship lock by optimizing the conveyance mode
Chen Wei, Chen Guoping, Ding Jian, Li Anzhong, Zhou Jinyan, Cai Hui and Li Hanquan: Glorious perspective though sustainable measures for the Jing Han Grand Canal and the promotion of world heritage application
Jun-Min Mou, Han Ligteringen and Jian-Feng Dai: Discussions on river information services (RIS) in China

nr 130

Jan 2008

D. Naesens, R. van der Lienden, B. Malherbe, F Morobé: Dubai waterfrond development: the making of an iconic waterfront development in the Arabian Gulf
D. Seurync: Al Raha Beach development: Buidling the "Gulf's most spectacular address"
B. Groothuizen: World development and the importance of dredging
E. Staake: Special packing for the export: form palace farmacy to fertilizer factory
G. Bartholomeeusen and R. Simons: Major hydraulic engineering project in the Gulf region: New Doha International airport (Qatar) and the 'The Pearl'(Qatar)

nr 129

Sep 2007

B. Waeles and P. le Hir: Simultion of dredging activities and their sediment impact by using a morphodynamics model of the Seine river mouth
C.C. Glansdorp, D. Jarvis and C.P.M. Willems: marNIS, a pan-European development for marine navigation
Eas Sirkiä: Economic efficiency to be achieved with a regulatory change only with consideration for navigational risks
Shana A. Heisey: HarBor Sym, an application for determining economic efficiency in harbours

nr 128

Jul 2007

A.A. Roubos: Dealing with uncertainties in the design of bottom protection near quay walls

Kenneth J. Connell: Modeling navigation channel infilling and migration at tidal inlets: sensiitvity to waves and tidal prism
J. Bödefeld and C. Kunz: From inspection to an asset management system for waterways structures

nr 127
May 2007

Eduardo Alonso Pérez de Ágreda, Antonio Gens Solé, Manuel Ricardo Madrid,  Janvier Uzcanga Salas et al: Case history - instrumentation of Barcelona harbour
Tracy Fidell: Developing an integrated model to quantify port emissions
Giovanni Cuomo: Wave impacts on vertical sea walls & caisson breakwaters
Gerhard Haimerl an Pavel Kröbl: Flood protection by means of a 39 sustainable management of flood plains - Case studies at the river Danube with a hydrodynamic-numerical model

nr 126

Feb 2007

Narasimha Rao and G. Vaidyanathan: Lateral capacity of piles subjected to scouring
G. Vaidyanatham: Curent status of logistics in India
S.M. Kulkarni and G. Vaidyanatham: Development of a 4th terminal at JNPT in Mumbai

nr 125

Oct 2006

M. Bleck: Wave attenuation by artificial reefs
H. Ishikara: Development and management of the Kanmon Waterway
J. Zölner: New inland container vessels for transport to the hinterland
R.A. Daniel and E. Dembicki: Contact problems in lock gates in view of investigation and field experience

nr 124

Jul 2006

R. Wurpts and P. Torn: Fifteen years of experience with fluid-mud in the port of Emden
K. Miyake and S. Hanashiro: Coral-friendly developments of port structures in the Okinawa region
J.L. Olivier: Water supply of waterways
V.G. Gharat: Mumbai, identification of a suitable dumping site for dredged spoil

nr 123

April 2006

I.B. Mota Oliveira: Estuary and lagoon entrances
J.M. Alfonso Covas and J. Alfredo Santos: Port research activities at LNEC
B. Dias and A. Rocha: Containre traffic overview of supply and demand in Puortugese ports
J.M. Cerejeira, J.M.S. Sardinha, F.J. Spranger and F. Sérgio da Fonseca: Shipbuilding and shiprepairing yards
J.F.G.M. dos Reis and L.F.M. Teixeira: Madeira island developent of port facilities: commercial port of Caniçal
C.V. Soares and F.F. Artilheiro: The Portugese hydrographic institute: a Portugese reference in science and technology at sea
A. Trigo-Teixeira: Infrastructure for the sport and pleasure navigation in continental Portugal

nr 122

Jan 2006

E. Bruyninckx: Container troughput creates added value
C. Oberheim: PIANC provides technical guidance for EU RIS directive
K. Vanderbeke: High precision directional drilling under the capsized shipwreck of the Tricolor car carrier
Ph. Maron and D. Brilman: Contribution of EOF analysis tot the managment of the Adour river mouths, the access to the port of Bayonne
Y. Hoshiyama: Construction of a deep-water, earhtquake resistant container terminal by jacket method
H.W. Vollstedt and U. von Bargen: Extension of the CT4 container terminal in Bremerhaven
M. Klabbers and M. Muttray: First application of Xbloc breakwater armour unit in Europe

nr 121

Oct 2005

J.L. Lara: A numerical wave flume to study the functionality and stabilty of coastal structures
E. Staake: Efficient container terminals in the port of Duisburg
K. Govender, S. Heather-Clark, B. Nkomo and F. Ndema: Strategic environmental assessment, the key to incorporating the ethos of sustainable development into port planning, operations and management?
S.M. Kulkarni: Upgrading navigational channel for larger size vessels in Mumbai
R. Marconi and B. Bonetti: Sustainability fo the nautical tourism

nr 120

Jul 2005

J. Berrou and R. le Quillec: Elaborating ECDIS, Electronic navigational charts in France
K. Ichii: Towards the optimum seismic design of a gravety key wall - a  risk-based approach for soil-structure interaction problem
E. Bruijn, J.D. Terpstra, A.M. Gresnigt and W. Molenaar: Optimization by means of plastic design of flexible breasting dolphins
M.C. Garcia Govea, D. Levacher, D. Caminade and O. Flores Macías: Wave reflection on a semi impervious breakwater

nr 119

Apr 2005

D.C. Gordon: Chronic dredging on the upper Mississippi river remediedwith innovative river training works
E. Dan and D. A. Thiessen: Study to upgrade port infrastructure for next generation container vessels
A. Rothblum and D. Wyatt: The myth of red lights, maintaining night vision in marine operations
M. Morris and D. Wyatt: Sharing our bay, what the commercial marine industry wants you to know
R. L. Stockstill, R.C. Berger and J.E. Hite jr: Application of computational hydraulics for the evaluation of navigation structures
T.M. Sullivan and D.E. Miller: Design and construction of the Olmsted approach walls
T. Wakeman and J. Walsh: Revitalizing Iraq's port system
L.J. Maciejewski: Creation of an Atlantic Ocean shore bird nesting island
D.C. Gordon, D.S. Chasteen, R.D. Davinroy, D. W. Max, D.A. Smith and C.N. Strausner: Bendway weirs improve navigabiltiy  at the confluence of two major river navigation systems, the Mississippi river and the mouth of the White river
M.T. Rodgers, J. Gutshall, D.C. Gordon and R.D. Davinroy: The use of the micro tidal model as a tool to evaluatie alternatives for dredging issuess along the Tarpley Island reach of the lower Mississippi river
T. Whelp and J. Roasat III: US Army Corps of Engineers dredging operations and environmental research program's (DOER) innovative technology focus area
J. McKee, S. Johnson, G. Meyer, B. Dubinski, K. Frederick, D. King and C. Murphy: Dredged material management planning process provides success for long-term material placement
B. Lambert, K. Hofseth and Ian Mathis: The development of a national model for multiport studies
T.M. Keevin, K.J. Kilgore and S.T. Maynord: Integrating engineering and biological studies to evaluate larval fish impacts on the upper Missisippi river - Illinois waterway system navigatin project
R. Mast, J. Khouri and J. Foxworhthy: Navigation study for West basin development project and Channel deepening project at the Port of Los Angeles
R. Price: Dredged material, converting a liability into a resource

D.H. Krueger and R.F. Gorini: Improvements to the Houston ship channel and Galveston harbour and channel by the Houston-Galveston navigatin channels, Texas projects

nr 118

Jan 2005

M. Geense: Ports and Wetlands, a strategy for wetland restauration - steps towards a sustainable development of wetlands
R. Stockstill, J. Hite and H. Park: Hydraulic design of upper approach walls to navigation locks
A. Blume: Towards a better understanding of waterway capacity
A. Camarero and G. Polo: Ro/Ro ships for shortsea shipping

nr 117

Oct 2004

E. Fagenello: Hydraulic modelling to revise the sluice gate control logic at Cardiff Bay Barrage
P. Gomi et al: Numerical simulation of the Jarlan caissons hydraulic behaviour
R.A. Daniel, A. Vrijburcht: Tendencies in design of lock gates under alternating hydraulic loads
Ad van Os, Richard Soulsby, Jens Kirkegaard: The future role of experimental methods in European hydraulic research
H. Schüttrumpf, H.Oumeraci: Learning from seadike failures
P. Lacey: The International Maritime Organisation

nr 116

May 2004

K. Ono, Y. Kasugai: Recent development of port policies and strategies in Japan
A. Nagano, S. Oka: Enactment of the fishing ports and grounds law, and comprehensive improvement of fishery infrastructure
I. Sakai: Port of Hakata - history and development plans
K. Furukawa, Y. Nakamura: Wetland restoration project - objectives and initial attempts in Japan
T. Takeuchi: Fishing port construction and improvement works in harmony with the natural environment
T. Hayakawa, I. Murayama, A. Yonezawa: Cost reduction by effective use of dredged soil - New Kitakyushu airport and Shin-Moji disposal site
T. Satoh, M. Kitazume, F. Suganuma: Application of pneumatic flow mixing method - Central Japan Airport
T. Furudoi: Second phase of the airport island construction at Kansai International Airport
Y. Higuchi: Osaka Bay Phoenix Project as an integrated waste management scheme
S. Iai: Seismic design of port structures - past and future
K. Takano: Tokyo Port Oil Container Terminal redevelopment project
H. Yoneyama, T. Hiraishi, S. Ueda: Recent technological advances of ship mooring analysis and construction of floating structures in Japan

nr 115

Jan 2004

Frederik J. Mink: Ports & Habitat: Partners in Development
Jean-Louis Oliver: How navigation is taken into account in the application in France of the European Water Framework Directive
Sébastien Ledoux, Eric Lagroy de Croutte, Luc Hamm: Experimental programmes for rehabilitating estuarine ecosystems
Hans Neuner, Theodor Strobl: Shipping navigation tests to determine the horizontal safety distances from groynes and canal banks
Zuzana Tumová: Catastrophic flooding in Czech Republic
Stefano della Sala: Contaminated sediments in the Venice Lagoon: a local concern and an international issues
Tomonari Okada: A new simplified numerical simulation method for minimization of environmental impacts on estuaries
Alain Pittavino, Régis Le Quillec: Maritime dredging strategies in European ports and the future prospects for French practices
Renato Marconi, Vittoria Biego: The planning of marinas as a guarantee of sustainable development and a restraint to territorial decay - an Italian experience

nr 114

Oct 2003

H. Schüttrumpf: Wave Overtopping of Seadikes - Experimental and Theoretical Investigations
J. Marchal et al.: The intermodal platforms including inland navigation in the future intermodal transport system: the case of Walloon region
S. Hellebrand, M. van Schuylenburg, A. van 't Zelfde: Containerland: innovation with proven techniques
L.H. Erikson, M. Larson, H. Hanson: A practical approach to maximising vessel speed along sensitive beaches
L.A. Schokking, P.C. Janssen, H.J. Verhagen: Bowthruster-induced Damage
K. Trouw: Extreme hydrodynamic boundary conditions near Ostend
A. Ballé Ndiaye et al.: A practical approach for the assessment of River Information Services (RIS) in Europe

nr 113

May 2003

Sverre Bjørdal: Laukvik Fishing Harbour: rehabilitation of the breakwater - Model Tests
Sverre Kojedal: Snøhvit: Natural gas from the far north
Rune Mjøs: Coastal shipping and ports in Norway
Margrethe Austad: Oslo - Norway's capital port
Morten Meibom: Bergen - the cruise ship metropolis of Norway
Jan Eliassen, Arne Fuglum: The Production Unit of the Norwegian oil spill preparedness - The long and weather-beaten coastline
Harald Andreassen: Aids to navigation requirements for high-speed craft
Leif Jansen: What is the Norwegian Coastal Administration?
Kâre Kristing: Decommissioning of sub-sea structures for the petroleum industry - reusing quay constructions

nr 112

Jan 2003

M. Clarke: The restoration of Anderton Boat Lift
Felipe Len-Rios: Magnetic System for Vessel Positioning through Canal Locks
Min Chaobin: Double-direction vessels in the Three Gorges Lock
E. De Broe: Controlling sediment accumulation behind the locks of Zandvliet and Barendrecht
H. Le Sourne, J.C. Rodet, C. Clanet: Chrashworthiness analysis of a plane lock gate impacted by different river ships
A.V. Ogaryov, I.I. Koblev: Current condition of the Caspian and Black Sea Water Link Routes and prospects for their development
V.V. Kluyev, G.V. Pokrovskaya: Deformation of the walls of the lock chambers on the Volga-Baltic Waterway

nr 111

Aug 2002

John C. Hayes: An Australian perspective on changes in the port industry
Gary J. Bendell: Port of Brisbane - Foreshore stabilisation works for the new common user terminal - Berth 8, Fisherman Islands
Jesz Fleming: Esperance Port Upgrade
R.J. Morrison, C.W. Haley: Developing minimum monitoring strategies for assessing the environmental condition of ports and harbours
S. Buchanan, D. Treloar: Met-Ocean investigations for berthing dolphin upgrade at Cape Lambert
Steve Hillman: Ballast water and environmental problems - Shipping industry dilemmas
M. Coull, C. Varming, T. Alcock, B. Emery: Expansion of the port of Albany
G. Smith: Sustainability in Port Development
R.N. McGuire, I.P.C. Robson: Low cost load test on pile and structural elements of Kings Wharf, Suva, Fiji
D.C. Patterson, C.F. Nielsen, R. Tilbury: Environmental assessment for the proposed port of Brisbane expansion
C.J. Apelt: Recent dredging projects in sensitive areas in Queensland

nr 110

Apr 2002

Julien N. De Rouck, Peter Troch: Pore water pressure due to tides and waves based on prototype measurements
Maria Cristina Garcia Govea, Daniel Levacher, Daniel Caminade: Proposition of semi-emperical formulations for estimating the wave reflection coefficient on a permeable breakwater
Jan Reche: Eliminating a bottleneck on the German Danube; Straubing-Vilshofen: Evaluation of alternatives and decision process
Roland Boutin: Dumping of muddy dredged material in shallow water - State of knowledge, experimental study and reliability of modeling

nr 109

Jan 2002

Klaus Römisch, Wolfgang Hering: Input data of propeller induced velocities for dimensioning of bed protection near quay walls - a comment on existing recommendations
Geoffroy Caude: Overview of research or innovation regarding container terminals
Haruo Yoneyama: Development of an automatic installation system of breakwater caissons
Robert Bierens: Sedimentation in the Maasmond - dredging prediction by neural networks
T. Maruyama, M. Kitamura, H. Tanaka: Design & construction of Yunemai Floating Swing Bridge in Osaka

nr 108

Sep 2001

P. Troch: Experimental study and numerical modelling of pore pressure attenuation inside a rubble mound breakwater
R. Triemstra: Stability of high density concrete armour elements under wave attack
Gesa Haroske: Wear resistant concrete in hydraulic structures
Marcel A. Hermans: The Ship Escalator, a new concept for the lockage of ships
Jean Marc Deplaix: The Blue Wave, a new concept of waterways enabling to increase velocity or to reduce impact on environment

nr 107

Apr 2001

R. Bouchet, G. Battigello, J. Ward: Le Port de Monaco
E. Brassart: Le Port Autonome of Marseilles
N. Brutin: Développement et perspectives du transport fluvial en France
B. Deleu: Seine-Nord: les enjeux d'une liaison à grand gabarit
E. Doutriaux: La gestion environnementale du Rhône
H. Du Mesnil, Ph. Bry: La politique française en matière de transports par voies navigables
C. Gressier, F. Marendet: La politique française en matière de ports maritimes
Y. Le Belleguy, J.-J. Brioist: Etude d'une écluse type à grand gabarit
G. Leblanc: Le Port Autonome de Paris - entre la terre et l'eau
P.-A. Roche, F. Bruchon, L. Guézennec: Restaurer l'écosystème de l'estuaire de la Seine
P. Scherrer, P. Galichon: Le project de Havre 2000

nr 106

Jan 2001

A. Camerero, G. Albrecht: Transfer of loads onto supporting surface areas in a container terminal
S. de Bouard: Quel avenir pour le réseau navigable à petit gabarit: la situation en France
H.P. Dücker: Research and development of the WG "Waterfront Structures" of HTG/DGGT
B. Gruber, S. Kofalk: The Elbe contribution of the IKSE and of several research programmes to the protection of a unique riverscape
G.A. Hamill et al.: The effect of rudder angle on the scouring action produced by the propeller wash of a manoeuvring ship
G. Zhong: The regulation experiences of Laoyazhou Shoal under the action of runoff and tidal flow with two-way of Xijiang and Beijiang

nr 105

Oct 2000

S. Gopalan: Current and evisaged port and shipping development in India
F. Marot: Caractérisation et traitement de décontamination de sédiments de dragage de ports et de canaux pollué par des métaux
R. Savenije: Future small inland vessels
D. Vergés: Proposed formulae for the averaging of wave climate hyper-annual cycles
M. Hager: Special Aspects of Chinese Waterways
Ch. Min: The studying of through-put capacity for navigational channels
J. Tang: The "Blue Highways"

nr 104

Apr 2000

D.M. McDowell: Waterborne transport for the United Kingdom
A. Burr: Modern ports
D. Whitehead: Factors affecting the pattern of future demand in port industry
I. White: A Freight strategy for the UK's inland waterways
G. Bulter: Associated British Ports - Humber International Terminal
D. Hattersley: The International Civil Engineers' (ICE) Maritime Board
T.N. Burt, M.P. Dearnaley, C.A. Fletcher, E. Paipai: Management of dredged material - International guidelines

nr 103

Feb 2000

P.G.M. Smith: Ports in the Mercosur Region
R.C. Botter, E.S. Ribeiro, A.B. Mendes: The potential of the Tietê-Paraná waterway in the Mercosul scenario
H. Armbruster-Veneti: Fibre optic temperature measurements in geotechnical engineering
A. De Graauw: Port engineering aspects of the Magnus Portus in Alexandria
J.L. Irish, J.K. McClung, W.J. Lillycrop: Airborne Lidar Bathymetry - The Shoals System
A. Uhlmann: Wind loading on small craft for marina design

nr 102

Oct 1999

F.L. Martin: Experimental study of wave forces on rubble mound breakwater crown walls
H. Dehn: Is there any future for small inland waterways?
C. Barbot, B. Simon, S. Allain, J.-B. Kovarik: La détermination des niveaux marins extrêmes le long des côtes de France
P. Mortier: Construction of Kluizendok in the Port of Ghent
A. Ferrante: Comparison between design methods for rock armour stability of rubble mound breakwaters
S.T. Maynord: Inflow zone and discharge through propeller jets

nr 101

Apr 1999

D. Maly, P. van Cauwenberghe: A new canal between Zeebrugge and its hinterland in order to improve the actual inadequate inland waterway connection
P. Troch, J. de Rouck: A numerical wave flume for wave interaction with rubble mound breakwaters
F. Aerts, H. de Vlieger, S. Vandycke: Building on soft soils
Ph. Rigo: Least cost optimum design of stiffened hydraulic and floating structures
L. van Damme, W. Vrelust: Low water corrosion of steel pilings
M. Fettweis, M. Sas: On the sedimentation of mud in access channels to the harbour of Antwerp
L. van Damme, L. Bols, K. van der Eecken, F. Aerts: Rehabilitation of harbour infrastructure: the Belgian experience

nr 100

Jan 1999

José R. Iribarren: Determining the horizontal dimensions of ship manoeuvring areas. General recommendations and simulator studies
R. Boutin: Contribution à l'amélioration des connaissances sur le comportement des rejets en mer de produit de dragage de type vase
J.-B. Kovarik: La vérification des ouvrages maritimes aus états-limites
A. Boogaard, R.J. Dijkstra, H. Verwoert: No access for sediment, ships only
M. Hager: Pecularities of the EAU 1996
E. Haezendonck, C. Coack, A. Verbeke: Value Added Analysis (VAA) as a tool for strategic port planning

nr 99

Aug 1998

C. Bordo: Economic growth of the Amsterdam North Sea Canal region
F.R. Kalff, A.J. Bliek, R.J. Clarke: Interaction port-ship studied in three ports
HAM/Dredging & Marine Contractors: Keeping marine corridors open
M. van der Wal: New developments in ongoing research for IWT
J.U. Brolsma: The Netherlands seaports
F. Melcherts and E. Heere: Combi-Road.A new logistical concept for the transport of containers
J.P. Koert: Functional considerations concerning large trailing-suction hopperdredgers
A. Pop: Infrastructure financing world-wide
M. Tomas-Duldulao: Innovative design for ports and inland waterways
R. van Dijk: Land reclamation: Maasvlakte2
H.J.M. Bijnsdorp: Waterways in the Netherlands

nr 98

Apr 1998

Pj. Rigo, S. Rodriguez, J.L.J. Marchal: Storm sturge barrier and marine environment
M.T. Brotto, M. Gentilomo: The Venice Lagoon project, the barriers at the lagoon mouth for controlling high tides
C.D. Memos: Navigation in Greece
M.A. Bragale: The Panama Canal in transition, streaming to the 21st century
K.J. McConnel: Hong Kong central reclamation phase III, the design of a low-refelction sea wall

nr 97

Jan 1998

A. Poletti: Interaction between recreational navigation and natural environment
G. Boks: Possibilities to incormporate recreation on bankt into water management
C. de Meyer and R. Charlier: Greenhouse effects and sealevels
L. Franco: History of coastal engineering in Italy
J. Llorca: Recommendaciaones para obras maritimas - ROM: backgroound, basis and future development of the Spanish standadization process in the field of maritime and port
G. Cecconi : The Venice laboon mobile barriers, sea level rise and impact of barrier closures

nr 96

oct 1997

M. Lacoste: Commerical exploitation of fast ferries
R. Dussert-Vidalet: High-speed ferries with a capacty of 150 cars, adapted to the mediterrenean routes
B. Forsman: High-speed ferries - environmental impac and safety assessment
J.D. Terpstra: HSS-terminal at Hoeek van Holland
I. Manser and D. Veale:Terminals for the new generation of fast ferries

nr 95

june 1997

Jennifer L. Irish: Sensitivity of channel sedimentation prediction to wave-field characterization
J.U. Brolsma and B.M. Peters: Height of container barges on the river Rhine
D. Depierre: Waterway transport: a successful link in the logistic chain of container transport

nr 94

april 1997

G. Arena, S. Corsini and F. Gulducci: Activities of the natinal Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service in the maritime field
A. Noli and A. Ferrante: Changes and reconversion of Italian old harbours
G. Borzani and S. Stura: The container ports of Genova-Voltri and Giola Tauro
A. Picarelli and I. Galvani: Freight transport in the Adriatic area and in the Po valley and Venetian waterway network
E. Benassai, M. Gentilomo, A. Ragone, F. Setaro and U. Tomasicchio: Litoral restoration by means of protected beach nourishment - recent Italian works
M. Conti, R. Marconi and P. Viola: Marinas and yacht harbours in Italy
L. Franco and P. Contini: Wave measurements and climatology in the Italian seas

nr 93

jan 1997

R. Dornhelm: California ports and harbors economic benefit report
C.D. van der Wildt: Sustainable regeneration of harbour areas for sport, recreation and other activities
D. Jack: Victoria & Albert waterfront, Port of Cape Town - Constraints and opportunities
T. Tolmay: Waterfront developments - a different perspective
H.J. Loubser: Waterfront development: Durban, East London, Port Elisabeth - Success or failure?
R. Fox: Waterfronts: their benefits to the city

nr 92
oct 1996

Ph. Hébert and F. Brévault: Bay of Seine traffic concept (article in French)
Martin S. West: Concept of an integrated environmental management support system for the port of Ma Ta Phut, Thailand
David B. Swanson: Observations from the Kobe earthquake and lessons learned for reducing the sesimic vulnerability of U.S. ports
Shanon A. Chader: Rochester wave surege reduction project, Rochester, New York
P.C. van der Kluit: Conclusions of teh VTS'96 symposium, Rotterdam 

nr 91
jun 1996

 R.Ph.A.C Savenije: Probabilistic admittance policy deep draught vessels
G.A. Hamill, R.M.M. Qurrain, H.T. b: The influence of a revetment on the diffusion of a propeller wash

nr 90
mar 1996

D. Phelp and G. Hough: Advanced video technique for aerial field monitoring of dolos breakwaters
H. de Wet and L. Goussard: Design of additional cargo berths in the Port of Richards Bay
A.H. Holtzhausen: Effective use of concrete for breakwater armour units
H. de Wet and D.J. McGillewie: Engineering a new break-bulk combi terminal for the Port of Durban
J.F. Kapp: An evaluation of the Accropode primary breakwater armour unis as applied at Club Mykonos Small Craft Harbour
J. Kuipers and L. Coetzee: Integrated port operation support system to South African commercial ports
A.R. Wijnberg: A quantitative approacht to coastal engineering design conditions
G.K. Prestedge: Shark Rock pier and submerged groyne

nr. 89
jan 1996

J.F. Kapp: Environmental experience with sea transport on a strategic shipping route
T.W. Solve: Possibilities to reduce atmospheric pollution from transport in Europe by better use of short sea and inland shipping
W. Kesseler and R.J. Martens: Short sea shipping: the Green wave
H. Kito and S. Onogawa: Today's status of sea transport in Japan and recent efforts to activate it
E. Eranti, J. Alasiurua, J. Kullaa and J. Silander: Structural continuity - Key to improved performance of pontoon piers and breakwaters
G.A. Hamill, H.T. Johnston and D.P.J. Stewart: Estimating the velocities in a ship's propeller wash
H. Koethe: Management of contaminated dredged material in the Federal Republic of Germany
A. Pujol i Niubó: Plan for the extension of the Port of Tarragona

nr. 88
oct 1995

D.E. Reeve: Stochastic Methods for Maritime Resource Stewardship
R. Wijnstra: Feasibility of Waterborne Public Transport in the Netherlands
J.M. Compas, L. Levasseur, Ph. Genty and J. Vaucoret: The Development of the Rhone, the Experience of the C.N.R. in the Mastery and Control of Inundations
R. Capitaine: Some Conclusions Waterway Managers can Draw from the Exceptional Flood flows of 1993 and 1995
Dipl. Ing. H. Engel: The Rhine Flood Events in December 1993/January 1994 and in January 1995
O. Holm, S. Immonen and J. Kokkonen: Wintertime Inland Navigation in Finland
B. Söhngen: The Effects of Wind on the Design of Canals
R. Léonard: Implementation of the New Classification of European Inland Waterways

nr. 87
apr 1995

J. A. Melby and G. F. Turk: CORE-LOC: Optimized Concrete Armor Units
Dr. J. H. Zirschky: The Dredging Crisis - Meeting the Challenge
Dr. A. Hochstein, Dr. A. Ashar and R. McLaughlin: Maritime System of the Americas Study
L. G. Antle and D. V. Grier: Prioritizing Inland Waterway Infrastructure Needs
D. A. Moser, L. L. Skaggs, J. R. Lund, S. J. Ratick, H. Morehouse Garriga, W. Du and R. Mimberg: Risk-Based Planning and Management of Maintenance Dredging: Development and Application of the Reliability-Based Dynamic Dredging Decision (RBD) Model
J. Mujica: Total Quality Management: The Algiers Lock Dewatering Experience

nr. 86
feb 1995

Dr. Civ. Eng. M. Poole Pérez-Pardo: The Conversion of Spanish Old Harbours into Marinas
Dipl.-Geol. D. Rechhn: Definition of the Nautical Depth in the Main Muddy Areas of the Federal Waterways Board
M. Huygens, D. De Wachter, R. Verhoeven, J. Himpe, S. Buyck, F Wens, B. De Putter and P De Wolf: Model Simulation of the Impact of Underwater Screens on Shore Protection
ir. J. Matthé: Correct Modelling of a Sea State in a Wave Flume
J. T. Radice: Differential GPS Based Vessel Tracking for Prince William Sound and Beyond
G. S. Harkins: Effectiveness of Wave Absorbers at Barbers Point Harbor
Y. Kuriyama: Longshore Current on a Bar-Trough Beach - Field Investigation and Verification of Numerical Models
A. Monfort Mulinas: Planning for Quality: A Course of Action for the Development of a Container Terminal

nr. 85
nov 1994

E. Paipai: Environmental enhancement using dredged material
L. Franco, R. Marconi and CA. Marconi: A Survey on Water and Electrical Consumptions in a Number of Italian Marinas
J.U. Brolsma: The use of symbols and pictograms for pleasure navigation: a case for standardization?
T.A. Denes: An Approach to Creating Cost Models for Dustpan Dredging
Dipl.-Ing. W Reiner: Development of the Eastern Reach of the Mittelland Canal
Prof. dr. ir. R. Verhoeven, ir. L. Van Poucke, Dr. ir. P. Verdonck and ir. W. Goderis: Hydraulic Design of V-Shaped Fish-Ladders
Dipl.-Ing. N. Krause: Some Aspects of German Waterways Policy in the Past, Today and in the Near Future
Dipl.-Ing. D. Mester: Water-ways in the "1992 Federal Traffic Infrastructure Plan"

nr. 83-84

Prof. Dr. Ir. J.L.J. Marechal and Ir. Z.M. Zhang: Computer modeling of the inland waterway traffic on the Belgian network
M. Beuthe & B. Jourquin: Incidences d'une modification du réseau hydraulique sur les transports par voies navigables (Article in French)
B. Panchik, H. Gravesen, J. Thomsen: Scour protection in new ferrry terminal of Elsinore
E. Monceyron and Gilles Morel: Export, un poste de trainail d'ingenérie portuaire
J-M. Tanguy, M. Canel, B. Zhang: Modification de conditions de navigabilité d'une portion de la Garonne par l'implantation d'ouvrages en rivière
J-M. Tanguy, B. Zhang, L. Hamm: Un vouveau schéma numérique d'évolutiondes fond marins et fluviaux
P. Pacaud: Présentation de la maille des codes hydrauliques filaires LIDO, SARA
J.M. Compas, J.R. Lagoutte, D. Roult: Régulation de niveau d'une retenue dún améganement fluvial à buts multiples
E. Ben Slama, S. Peron, B. Belleudy, G. Rouas: TSAR, un modèle monodimensionnel de simulation des évolutions des fonds alluvionnaires des rivères
H. Kita: Analysis fo a marine traffic rouondabout in a congested bay
H. Inoue, T. Wako, H. Sato, N. Kuchida, S. Kitamura: Construction of offshore airport in Osaka Bay
M. Fukuya, N. Takaki, A. Nagano, K. Otsuka, M. Sai, A. Arami, K. Hoshogaya, M. Taniguchi: Development of floating breakwaters in a fishing port
T. Kawaguchi and O. Hashimoto: Development of synthesis fishing port: the case of Hamada fishing port
M. Kubo and S. Sakakibara: Evalualtion method for operation efficiency fo cargo handling and advanced safety ship mooring systems
H. Sato, K. Fukase: An experience on rapid creation of soil ground by solidifying soft sedimental mud
M. Fukuya, N. Takaki, K. Ota, S. Harigai, M. Ikeda: The littoral sand problem, forecasting and countermeasures in Japanese fishing ports
Y. Akatsuka, T. Asaeda, J. Brooks: The outlook for research in Asian inland water transport
Y. Okuyama: Trafic capacity of Panama Canal
R. Boucet: Urbanisation offshore à Monaco
M. Taik: Projet de liaison fixe à travers le détroit de Gibraltar
J. van Duivendijk and F.M. Stroeve: The Feni Dam reviewed
G. Lindhagen and G. Lindh: Global sea level rise - strategies for coastal area planning
J.P. Sierra, A. lo Presto, A. Sanchez-Archilla: Analysis fo the equilibrium beach profiles on the Catalan coast
J.I. Tejero Monzón, J. Suárez López, J.M Izquierdo Izquierdo, C. Sánchez Ruiz: Bacterial disappearance after marine discharge of urban waste water by sea outfalls
J.R. Medina and J. Serra: Beach monitoring program of "El Saler"
I.J. Losada, R. Medina, M.A. Losada an C. Vidal: Grain sizze distribution in beach profiles
M. Gomez and J.C. Carretero: Implementation of a high resolution third generation wave model on the Atlantic cost of Spain
J.C. Santás, M.J. Martín-Soldevilla, C. Benito, A. Navarro, M Garica Mañes: Long waves activity in a harbour: La Coruña
J.L. Monsó de Prat, F.J. Escartín García: Long wave resononnance effects produced by changes in the lay-out of the Port of Ciutadella (Menorca)
J.L. Díaz Rato, V. Negro, M.A. Losada: Main layer repairs study for the Príncipe de Asurias breakwater in the harbour of Gijon
J.M. de la Peña Olivas, J.M Prada Espada, C. Redondo Morejón: Mediterranean ports in ancient times
I. Berenguer and J. Enriquez: Modelling of advection and dispersion of dredged material
J. C. Peña Martinez, M. Reyes Nadal, F. P. Canalejo Marcos: Pinedo beach regeneration project (Valencia)
C.Vidal, M.A. Losada, G. Gómez Pina: Stability of rubble mound submerged and overtopped breakwaters

nr. 82

J. De Rouck, Ph. Hyde, L. Van Damme and F. Wens: Basic characteristics of the HARO, a massive 5 hollow armour unit
R. Ciortan: Evolution of the concept of precast elements 20 used for landing structures in the Romanian ports
Dipl.-Ing. M. Brückner: Experiences with building quay walls with 28 prefabricated reinforced-concrete superstructures in the Port of Hamburg
P. De Wolf, P. Van den Bergh, R. Thomas, M. Lanckzweirt and Ph. Hyde: Measuring platforms in the North Sea in 38 Belgian territorial waters and on the Belgian continental shelf
J.A. Sciortino: Monobar precast concrete units
R. Dechaene, J. De Rouck, G. De Schutter, L. Taerwe, F. Van der Weeen and L. Van Damme: Thermal cracking in hardening concrete armour units
C.T. Jahren and S. Ishii: Factors affecting car ferry berthing
Dr.Ing. S. Nawrocki: Full-scale measurements of sinkage and trim of a bulk carrier
M. Hebsgaard, F. Ennemark, S. Spangenberg, J. Fredsoe and H. Gravesen: Scour model tests with bridge piers

nr. 81

Dr. D. Muskatirovic and Dr. M. Jovanovic: Experiences in planning, construction and maintenance of navigation training works on the river Danube
M. Vorano: The Paduan-Veneto waterway system
L. Sandberg: Project identification for inland transport activities on the Lower Mekong
Prof. N.M. Dehousse and Ph. b: The Antwerp-Dusseldorf waterway and the Meuse-Rhine river junction (Article in French)
Prof. Dr. R. Ciortan, C. Avadanei and G. Nistoran: Navigable waterways in Romania – Achievements and prospects (Article in French)

nr. 80

R. van Dijck: Background to Rotterdam's Port Plan 2010
G. Biesheuvel, E.J. Huyskens, J.D. Schiepers and A.H.H.M. Schomaker: Cleaning-up of contaminated sediments in Dutch inland waters
H. van den Heuvel: Container transport by inland shipping – Aspects of combined transport
H. van Diepen, A. Hunt, G.H. van Raalte and J.G.S. Pennekamp: Dredging and the environment: new developments from the Netherlands.
A.W. van Hattum: Masterplan for the North Sea Canal area
Prof. K. d'Angremond: Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research
R.H.A.W. Ter Hedde and J.H. De Jong: New developments in nautical consultancy and training
Prof. J.K. Vrijling: Probabilistic methods in hydraulic engineering
J.G. de Gijt, H. van der Horst, RJ.M. Heijendijk and C.N. van Schaik: Quay-wall design and construction in the Port of Rotterdam
A.A.J. Rohde: The storm-surge barrier in the New Waterway from a shipping and navigation point of view
J.U. Brolsma: Waterways and inland waterway transport in the Netherlands
T.G. van der Meer and C.L. Rockx: Western Scheldt tunnel/bridge project

nr. 78-79

Dr. W.D. Morris: Collide – collision risk assessment
H. Lorentzen: Interaction of offshore activities and navigation
L. Van Der Meij and R. Pollen: Interaction of offshore activities and navigation
C.J. Van Zyl: The port of Cape Town experience
M.M. Thevenot: Evaluation of width criteria for deep-draft channels using computer simulation
M. Huygens: Propagation and deformation of linear, time-harmonic water waves in coastal zones and harbours - A boundary element solution for wave diffraction and reflection
Ph. Berthelot: Security in remote controlled operation of structures (Article in French)
R.R. Bottin: An overview of hydraulic modeling and subsequent prototype performance of small-boat harbors

nr. 77

G. Collilieux: Inland Waterways and Environment - The Biological Upgrading of Waterway Development Schemes (Article in French)
by J. Lecornu, M. Seris and R. Machu: Economic Approach to the Restoration and Preventive Maintenance of Navigation Structures (Article in French)
M.E. Upinski and S.K. Martin: Economic Assessment of Accidents at Inland Navigation Locks in the United States
J.R. Headland: Design of Fender Systems Using a Numerical Berthing Model
A.J. Veraart, L.A.M. Janssen and H.L. Stipdonk: The Inland Waterway Transport Safety Project

nr. 76

V.N. Valdecantos: Analysis of the Dynamic-static Equilibrium of Stones in Rock Slope Type Breakwaters Considered as Granular Systems
J. Llorca and J. Martin: Atlas of Wave Climate Around the Spanish Coastline- Recommendations for Maritime Works ROM Waves
J.L. Diaz Rato: Dry Bulk Terminal on the Minerales Quay in the Port of Gijon
J. Diez: Filling Processes of Spanish Rias
B. Gonzalez-Madrigal and J.M. Valdez Fdez de Alarcon: Influence of Superstructure Geometry on the Behaviour of Vertical Breakwaters : Two Case Studies
R. Escutia: New Container Terminal in the Port of Valencia
J. Ronda: Phase I of Extension Works of the South Basin and Mooring Line (Port of Valencia)
R. Aznar and L.G. Sauquillo: Port of Sagunto – a New Challenge
by J.C. Pena Martinez and A. Munoz Cubillo: Regeneration project of the Beach of San Juan and Muchavista (Article in French)
J.M. Berenguer and F.J.O. Prud'homme: Reinforcement of Rubble Mound Breakwaters Using Submerged Berms
J. Botella Soto and J.R. Agudo: Semi-rigid Floating Pavement - PAFLOSE
J.L. Carretero Herndez and F. de la Lastra Gutiérez: Sevilla - The Only Inland Port of Spain
H.P. Seidel: Land Art - The Opening of the Main-Danube Canal
Dr. Ing. K.H. Kwik: A System Analysis for Optimal Management of Canal Ship Traffic

nr. 75

D.D. McGehee: Measured response of moored ships to long-period waves at Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors
Dr. ing. O. Store and C. Chirila: Present and long-term waterborne traffic requirements in development projects for the Lower Danube in Romania
M. Komvutis: Theoretical study of conditions influencing the breaking wave peak pressure against a vertical wall and recommendations
A. Schroeder: The RMD navigable waterway, one year before completion of the Main-Danube canal (Article in French)
E.E. Bouter: Wave damping by reed - An investigation in environmentally friendly bank protection

nr. 74

C.F.W. Rietveld, C. Stigter and D. Vandenbossche: Artificial Islands - Why. How and What is Their impact on the Environment
B. Gallenne: Disposal of Dredged Materials in the Loire Estuary - Creation of an Intertidal Island (Article in French)
H. Inoue: Construction of Offshore Airport and Environmental Monitoring
Y. Tage: Construction of Offshore Man-made Islands at the Port of Kobe
R. Ettema: Ice Formation in Navigation Channels
J.U. Brolsma: The IVS90 Information System for Inland Navigation
J.J. Dlez: A Methodology for the Final Determination of Littoral Processes for the Planning and Design of Coastal Works

nr. 73

A. Lamrini: The interurban Transportation of Goods by Sea (Article in French)
G. Verniers, A. Gillet, J.C. Micha, O. Rothilde, N. Schiepers and O. Paquet: Ecological Impacts of River Development (Article in French)
J. van Wijck, J. van Hoof and J. Smits: Underwater Disposal of Dredged Material : a Viable Solution for the Maintenance Dredging Works in the River Scheldt
G. Collilieux: An Example of the Integration of a Canal into the Environment - The Diversion of the River Allan near Montbélliard, Doubs, France (Article in French)
R. Coin, L. Maman and J.F. Niel: Landscaping of a Hydro-electric Project – Landscaping Dynamics of the Replanting : the Example of the Chautagne Plant on the Rhone River (Article in French)
A. Charlier, J.P. Arnoux and G. Collilieux: Compensation Works Related to the Creation of a Waterway - The Wetlands near the Etupes Diversion of the River Allan as an Example (Article in French)
B. Ghosh and B. Datta: Ecological Impacts of Navigation and Maintenance of Coastal Waterways in the Indian Sub-continent
E.J. van de Kaa: Ecological Aspects of Watenway Management in the Netherlands, illustrated with examples from the IJsselmeer Area
J.R. Niemi and G.N. Strauser: Environmental River Engineering
A.C. Miller and B.S. Payne: The Use of Quantitative Data on Freshwater Mussels to Assess the Environmental Impacts of Commercial Navigation Traffic in Waterways of the United States
B.R. Winkley: Bed Sediment Management to Improve Navigation Depths and Increase Flood Conveyance

nr. 72

T. Jensen: Aalborg East Harbour, Planning and Implementation
F.T. Christensen, H. Gravesen, J.R. Thomsen, F. Ennemark and S. Spangenberg: Accidental Limit State Ice Loads on Bridge Piers
0. Laustrup: Beach Nourishment on the Danish North Sea Coast
P. Kaalund, N. Thougaard, D.B. Hasloev and U. Anderskouv: Beach Resorts and Marinas in Denmark - Principles for Planning of Marinas
P.H. Frisch: Coastal Inlets on the Danish West Coast - Curses or Blessings
B. Pankchik and B. Ladegaard: Danish Ferry Terminals
M. Bundgaard-Nielsen: Denmark's Great Belt Link-up
J. Lisby and H. Hartelius: Exposed Pier Structures for Bulk Shipping Systems in Danish Waters
J.S. Moeller and K. Jensen: The Great Belt Link - The Environmental Concern
M. Helmsdal, E. Davidsen and S. Heinesen: Harbour Building in the Faroe Islands
B. Mogensen: Integrated Monitoring and Modelling System
O.J. Jensen, J. Juhl, N.E. Ottesen Hansen, P. Lundhus and S. Spangenberg: Perimeter Protection of the Artificial Island of Sproaoe (Part of the Fixed Link across Storebaelt, Denmark)
G. Deding: Port of Aarhus Authority - Disposal Site for Dredged Material
H. Peick and T. Hartung: PORTman, Computer-based Port Management System
S E. Sand and M.S. Chislett: Real-time Simulation of Harbour Manoeuvres
A. Nissen: Route T - A Major Danish Waterway
J. Bay, S Spangenberg, N.H. Olsen and P.T. Pedersen: Ship Simulations as an Integrated Part of the Design Process for Bridges Crossing Waterways
H.R. Jensen, H.J. Vested and C. Simonsen: Storm-surge Forecasting for the Danish North Sea Area
H.F. Burcharth and Z. Uu: Stresses in Dolos Breakwater Armour Units
H.J. Opdam: Optimization of River Improvements for Navigation
P. Bruun and O. Smith: Economic Optimization of Breakwaters in Port Engineering

nr. 71

H, Hartner and F. Pressl: Development and Stimulation of Tourist Activities on an Inland Waterway - river Danube - in Correlation with the Construction of Low Head Hydropower Plants
J.U. Brolsma and J. Verkade: The Economic Importance of Pleasure Craft as a Guide for Dutch Government Policy
J. Chapon: French Seaport Designs (Article in French)
P.Y. Landouer: Protection of the Anglet Shore, Bay of Biscay : an Example of a Big Swell Zone (Article in French)
J.P. Josephus Jitta: A Choice between Rolling Gates or Mitre Gates for Mammoth Locks which give Access to Ports from the Sea
H.C. Wells and A. den Boon: Risk Analysis of the Transport and Positioning of the Second Van Brienenoord Bridge
A. Ergin, A. Riza Günback, K. Tunp Göckce: Model Tests of Antalya Harbor Breakwater Head
I.H. Townend: Frameworks for Shoreline Management
T.A. Denes: Lowering Dredging Costs with Operations Research Techniques
Y.N. Gorokkov: Prediction of Temperature Regime in Earthen-Masonry Dams
S.V. Zheleznov: Transportation of Large-size Building Modules to Arctic Gas and Oil Fields in Ice Conditions

nr. 70

L. Van Damme, P. De Wolf, D. Fransaer, K. Braet and J. Van Rensbergen: Breakwater armour units monitored using aerial remote sensing
V.K. Sfiah and P.E. Drapeau: An outline of guidelines for inspection and maintenance of marine structures
E. Clausen and T. Poulsen: Inspection, maintenance and repair of structures in Danish state polls
T. Knufmann: Major overhaul of facilities of Heligoland port of refuge
J. Osterwald: Inspection, maintenance and repair of the east mole in Eckernförde
P. Scherrer, J.Y. Le Ven and P. Chubileau: French ports develop preventive monitoring dynamics for maritime structures (article In French)
0. Visser: Repair and protection works at the Zeeland bridge
Dimensions, criteria and transit capacity of Gezhouba navigation locks

Part I : Prof. Dr. Ing. M. Hager: Beneficial use of water power and navigable waterways of big rivers in China. Introductory remarks to the article on investigations of the GLDP
Part II : Min Chaobin and Chen Lianggan: Dimensions, criteria and transit capacity of Gezhouba navigation locks
Prof. Wang Zugao: Navigation on Yangtze river and the Three Gorges Project
E.G. Frankel and Chin Soo Lim: Capacity algorithms for navigational channels
T.A. b: Computer simulation in marine terminal planning - Creation of a generic engineering tool

nr. 69

Robert D. Davinroy: Bendway weirs - A new structural solution to navigation problems experienced on the Mississippi River
Prof. N.M. Dehousse and S. Rodriguez: About the planned storm-surge barrier on the access channel to the port of Rotterdam; a project for the largest single-span mobile hydraulic structure to date (article in French)
L. Wilmotte: Dewatering of the Liege area municipalities (article in French)
J. Serras, D. Fransaer and  J. van Rensbergen: Early detection of inundation risks with emphasis on aerial remote sensing and underwater inspection
X. Roederer: The development of the Meurthe river at Nancy (article in French)
Michael F. Smith: Navigable waterways and flood protection - The river Soar improvement scheme
Muwei Zong and Xingrui Ding: Hydraulic design experiences and practices of navigation locks in China
Robert  J. Rapp: Preventing a cutoff of a Mississippi river bendway with tree screens
Y.M. Krylov, B.G. Galenin, B.A. Douginov, S.V. Krivitsky, Y.P. Polyakov and S.S. Strekalov: Determination of wind-wave characteristics for design, construction and operation of seaports

nr. 68

Katsumi Kanda & Hideaki Ohneda: Field verification experiment of wave power extract ing caisson breakwater
Yoshio Mori: Development of a knockdown-type hexagonal marine structure (H.M.S.)
Shinji Kataoka: Design of Osaka port undersea tunnel
Tatsuo Wako, Seiji Matsumoto, Ichiro Murayama & Ichio Motono: Development of a pile-moored floating wharf
Shinichi Toyama & Yukio Ishii: Treatment of deterioration of port and harbour concrete structures in Japan
Terashi Masaaki & Kitazume Masaki: Sand compact ion pile method for soft clay improvement - Design and actual per formance
Tsutomu Fukute, Osamu Kiyomiya & Ken-ichirou Minami: Actual conditions of corrosion and countermeasure of steel structures in port and harbour facilities
Mineo Iwasaki, Jun-ichi Akizomo, Takasi Nemoto & Osamu Asakura: Walking type underwater inspection robot « Aquarobot» and its field test
Shuichi Mihara & Masatugu Fukuya: Planning and implementation of Hamada fishing port project
Kaoru Yoshizumi, Yoshio Banc & Masayoshi Noda: The Kabashima fishing port plan and implementation
Osamu Takamura: Construction of the port of Osaka and civil engineers
Hideo Ohnishi & Shin Sasaki: Soil improvement technique for vast reclaimed land by combinat ion of vertical drains and dewatering
Kazuo Kondo: Bridges in port area of Osaka City
Toshiaki Ninomiy: A study on recycling of waste soils in road construction
Satao Takama & Yohei Sakurai: Removal and disposal of accumulated organic sludge in the port and harbour area
Tadashi Ashimi & Akira b: Development of parks and recreational zones in urban port areas - Port of Osaka as an example
Vasel J.L., Vanderborght P., Michel D., Hiver  J.M. & Peters  J.J.: Oxygen transfer at low head hydraulic structures (article in French)
S.H. Plantenga: Government policy in the Netherlands related to cleaning-up the contaminated water beds
J.M. Nichol: Wind design factors for small boat mooring facilities - A survey of practice

nr. 67

G. Mantz: The Lahn waterway used for leisure time
N.M. Dehousse & Ph. Rigo: A link « Liège-Chaudfontaine » for pleasure craft (article in French)
E. Harlow: Multiple uses of the waterfront
N.M. Dehousse: Very high rise navigation locks (Part I)
IHCH Staff: Very high rise navigation locks (Part II)
W. Grote, S. Roth & H. Wiechers: Covered building dock in Papenburg
Different Authors: Vessel, port & Waterway technologies for the 1990's

nr. 66

R. Eadie: The corrosion protection of maritime structures: Effect of sea-water level changes
J.C.F. Hendriks  et al.: Effects of rise of sea-water level on maritime structures in the Netherlands
Per Bruun: Berthing and mooring by winches
M. Loxham & F.A. Weststrate: Environmental aspects of the Slufter
Different Authors: Vessel, port & waterway technologies for the 1990's

nr. 65

Ph. Rigo: The computation and design software for the stiffened hydraulic structures (article in French)
R. Baehrel & G. Invernizzi: Metz : A continuity in water-related developments (article in French)
E. Toussaint: Nancy discovers the element water (article in French)
P. b: Waterways in Berlin and Tegel harbour
H. de Mos: From commercial shipping to pleasure craft in 5 years — The rehabilitation of Linge harbour
M.D. Japes et al.: The redevelopment of the urban canal scene
Ch. Straube: The major overhaul of the ship hoist Niederfinow in the period 1984/85
Several co-authors from The Netherlands: Modern dredging & disposal of (contaminated) dredge spoil

nr. 64

W. Bergmeier: On the development of a European waterway system
H.P. Seidel: The Main-Danube canal : St ructural significance of the  canal
P. Moosbrugger: The Main-Danube  canal: Lay-out and cross-section (article in French)
J. Gruss: The Main-Danube canal : Its revetments (article in French)
G. Chara: The Main-Danube canal : Construction of water saving locks on the south section (article in French)
H. Kesseler: The Main-Danube canal: Its functions and operation (article in French)
E. Reinhold: The Main-Danube canal : Its bridges (article in French)
H.P. Seidel: The Main-Danube canal : Landscaping and ecology along its borders (article in French)
W. Becker: Hamburg - A modern port with a long tradition
Dirksen & Reiner: Flood damage to the Weser barrage at Bremen
H. Einwachter et al.: The competitiveness of the public inland ports in the F.R.G.
H. Hansen: The streambed erosion of the Lower Rhine
R. Hinricher: The effects of underground mining on waterways
K-F. Hofmann: New methods for construction of quay walls in the port of Hamburg
E.F. Mosonyi & F. Bakowies: Irregular operation of saving-basin navigation locks
H-W. Partenscky: Hydraulics of navigation structures & limits of their transport capacity
H. Rödiger & H-D. Thron: General development, construction, application & 1st operation results of a mobile apparatus for feeding liquid oxygen into major rivers
H. Schuiz and H-J. Köhler: The developments in Geotechnics concerning  the dimensioning of revetments for inland navigable waterways
W. Wittneben: Technical developments of power supply for aids to navigation
B.R. Winkley: The cause and cure of low water navigation problems on alluvial rivers

nr. 63

G.P. Blumberg and R.J. Cox: Floating breakwater physical model  testing for marina applications
Luuk van Oostkom: The economic significance of water sports & recreation in  the Netherlands
N.H. van Amstel: A review of the floating tyre breakwater in Durban harbour
G. Werner: Experience with floating breakwaters, a literature review
J. Gaithwaite: Practical aspects of floating breakwater design
Eleven co-authors from the Netherlands: Minimizing the cost of maintenance dredging
J.S. Paddam: Some aspects of the construction of Meston Mill Lake jetty

nr. 62

J.C. Naudin: Alexandria ethylene offshore terminal — A « Unideck» concept application (article in French)
H.P. Jensen: Spin-off from offshore oil industry in harbour development — The development of the Aker city in Oslo, using large prefabricated structures
twenty-two co-authors from the Netherlands: Six-barge pushtow trials
G.A. Hamill: The scouring action of  the propeller jet produced by a slowly manoeuvring ship
V. Mineyev: Optimization of push-tow sizes
B.D. Fehl: Evaluating  thermal stresses in lock structures
T. Nowakowski: System analysis concerning the possibilities of improving  the operation reliability of inland vessel
A .C. Walker: Container handling facilities for the port of Surabaya
V.V. Churakov: New control equipment for dredges

nr. 61

J.J. Jaeger: Rotary valve - The new way to empty &  fill a lock chamber
E. Van den Eede, P. Silence &  J. Himpe: Renovation of bank defenses consisting of reinforced concrete sheet piling used on waterways
V.K. Shah: Rehabilitation of South Pier, Goderich Harbour
Messrs Delaty, Prager, Rosolen & Soubeyrand: Navigation structures in operation on the river Rhone - Examples of improvements (article in French)
G. Brandenburg: Reconditioning of gate tracks at the new locks on the Kiel Canal, using a mobile, multipart, subaqueous steel tunnel
G. Schmausser &  H. Sievers: Cost reduction in repairs & maintenance of the rolling caisson gates
H.P. Tzschucke, O. Hallauer & C. Kunz: Experience with the inspection & repairing of hydraulic engineering structures
K. Ishiguro & Y. Miyata: Reinforce cement of an anchored sheetpile wall with additional lower tie-rods
W. Banach: Modernisation of the Odra Waten/vay (article in French)

nr. 60

B. Malec: The function of maritime economy of the Szczecin region as compared with the country
A. Kwapiszewski: The river Odra - its importance for  the national economy
A. Grotowski & P. Zaramba Jr: Reasonable development of W. Pomerania & the Odra river estuary coastal region
G. Lesniewski & P. Zaramba Jr: Small harbours at the W. Pomerania sea coast and in  the Odra river estuary
J. Wieclaw: Szczecin-Swinoujscie port complex & prospects for its development
B. Mazurkiewicz: Port structures and equipment
I. Jagniszczak: Region of the Odra estuary and its connect ions with the hinterland
B. Orlewicz &  J. Kurnatowski: Modernization of the river Odra for navigation purposes
Z. Meyer & W. Buchholz: Hydrology & Hydrodynamics of  the Odra estuary with special reference to  the influence of wind
E. Jasinska & W. Robakiewicz: Hydrodynamic conditions & salinity of the Swina Strait & Szczecin Bay
R. Ewertowski: Mathematic model of the River Odra estuary
C.G. Biancardi: Application of artificial intelligence in the management of marine operations
V. Cambau & M. Dousset: River tourism in the Loire districts : Pilot scheme of the Maine basin (article in French)
Wm.L. Klesch: Long-term management strategy for the disposal of dredged material

nr. 59

Flemming Thyme: Development in marina and yacht harbours in Denmark
J. Michel: Design and setting up of riverside marinas — Example : the river Rhone (article in French)
P. Lacey: Changing face of marina development in the United Kingdom
S. Maeda: Construction of an offshore airport island on a soft clay stratum
K.V. Grishanin &  A .M. Lavygin: Sedimentation of dredging cuts in sand bottom rivers
R. Garsjens, H-D. Clasmeier & R. Wurpts: The Dollart-dock project — Ems-bypass and a new access to the port of Emden
D.V. Grier: A review of the impacts of phased channel deepening at Hampton Roads, Virginia
S. Roth: Steel sheet piles as prefabricated elements in harbour construction

nr. 58

M. Kristensen: Seabed erosion in ferry berths
J.P. Longe, P. Hebert & R. Byl: Erosion problems at existing quay constructions due to bow thrusters & main propellers of ships when berthing or leaving (article In French)
M. Füehrer, H. Pohl & K. Römisch: Propeller jet erosion & stability criteria for bottom protection of various structures
A.N. Biswas & K.K. Bandyopadadhyay: Scour at Haldia oil jetty on the Hugli estuary
H.J. Verheij, T. Blokland, M.P. Bogaerts, D. Volger & R.W. v.d.Weijde: Experience in the Netherlands with quay structures subjected to velocities created by bow thrusters & main propellers of mooring and unmooring ships
W. Robakiewicz: Bottom erosion as an effect of ship propeller action near the harbour quays
B. Chait: Undermining of quay walls at S. African ports due to the use of bow thrusters & other propeller units
H. Bergh & N. Magnusson: Propeller erosion & protection methods used in ferry terminals in the port of Stockholm
J.E. Clausner & C.L. Truitt: Propeller wash effects on protective armor layer design for contained aquatic disposal sites
P. Bruun: The effects of changing the atmosphere on the stability of sea level & shore stability
J. De Rouck & C. De Meyer: Port structures, their care & maintenance

nr. 57

M. Bordiec: Level control on canalised waterways — Example of the Rhone downstream of Lyons (article in French)
Ch. V. Klimas: Anticipating critical impacts to floodplain ecosystems resulting from water level regulation
N.M. Dehousse & Ph. Rigo: Water level regulation in rivers by navigation barrages in the case of small heads (article in French)
O. Bonnin: Containers not complying with ISO standards — Evolution or revolution
M.A. Knott: Ship collision with bridges
J.R. Birindelli: The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
J.H. Sargent: PIANC and dredging — The environmental issues
V.M. Seleznev & A.V. Zernov: Ways to improve navigation conditions on rivers in regions with a severe climate
J.L. Thomas: Sand sealing of coastal structures

nr. 56

Prof. H. Velsink: Principles of integrated port planning
R. Simoen, D. Vandenbossche & D. Decroo: The design of approach channels and ship manoeuvring areas
C B. b: Field sediment studies — Some recent developments and techniques
J. Kjaergaard: Fishing Port Planning
M. Layachi: Fishing ports in Morocco
A. Lamrini and A. Qanir and G. Gyselinck: Development prospects for Sport & Pleasure Navigation ports in Morocco
P. Gonon: Port maintenance — Equipment
T. Chbicheb: Container terminal at Casablanca — Prospects for its development (article in French)

nr. 55

P. Gutelle: Trends in the development of pleasure craft design (article in French)
K. Sakamoto: The development of pleasure boats in Japan
P. de Ridder & A. de Visser: Trends in recreational boating in the Rhine Delta
J. Nicholetal: An example of a destination harbor for pleasure craft
A. Graillot: Technical evolution of ports; its consequences on port operation (article in French)
M. Gentilomo: The construction of the new port of Horns in Libya – Precast concrete elements in marine works
R. Coirtan & I. Cuncey: Preliminary research concerning the functional characteristics of ore terminals by digital simulation with a view to optimizing
Gh. Buzuloiu & R. Ciortan: Expansion & modernization works at the port of Constantza
R. Riebensahm: The coast of Togo – How to protect it?
D.V. Grier: The role of U.S. ports in the world grain trade

nr. 54

S.M. Shrivastava and J.E. Youdale: Precast concrete elements in port structures for Riddley island coal terminal
L. Pitkälä: Retaining wall made by L-elements as a quay structure
M.A. Ansiri and M.N. Kumar: Construction of som port facilities at Visakhapatman outer harbour
L. Pecchio and R. Movarelli: Graving dock for ships up to 400,000 DWT in the port of Palermo (article in French)
G. Contri, G. Noche and M. Fedolino: Precast elements in harbour works
M.G. Parent: Application of prefabricated elements in quay wall structures in the port of Rotterdam
J. da Silva and J.A. Brioso Pina de Jesus: Port of Lisbon, two maritime structures in which precast elements were used
K. Eriksson and H. Klingenberg: Precast elements in port structures in Scandinavia
M.A. Foda: Lift-off of sunken vessels by oscillatory applied lifting force

nr. 53

Luc Hamm: Analysis of the evolution of beds in the Seine estuary (article in French)
Dr J.V. Smallman: The use of physical and computational models in the hydraulic design of coastal harbours
Dipl. Ing. O. Franzlus: Suspended sediment problems in the brackish transition zone of the tidal Ems river
G. de Buysere: Techniques for the building watertight screens in the soil for the purpose of separating & protecting underground water sheets (article in French)
D.N. Tran & Jl. Merveille: the problem of brackish water intrusion into inland waterways – The French Wateringues area (article in French)
G. Delmas, B. Grange & J.-M. Uhnweiller: Transport of goods by fluvio-maritime navigation (article in French)
Dr. Per Bruun: Can we save on breakwaters by providing better mooring-fendering?

nr. 52

Prof. N.M. Dehousse, Ph. Rigo & S. Rodriguez: Means of overcoming differences in head for pleasure navigation in waterways equipped for the conventional Inland navigation – Locks for pleasure navigation
Juhani Vainio: Problems of pleasure craft near locks
Prof. G. Engelke: How to avoid queues of pleasure craft near locks
J.K. Korf: Pleasure cruising in the Netherlands
New processes for breakwaters and seashore protection

  • Part I: P. Guevel, E. Landel, R. Bouchet & J.M. Manzone:: Oscillation waterwall phenomenon – An application to coastal protection against wave action
  • Part II: R. Bouchet & J.M. Manzone: The waterwall – New breakwater process in deep water

D. Pinto da Silva: The filling of a high lift lock and its problems
P. Arislaghes, Pl. Lebreton & F. Vansteenkiste: Maritime lock gates design
Dr. V.I. Postnikov: Main trends in the development of river transport of R.S.F.S.R.

nr. 51

J.R. Hanchey & D.V. Grier: The united States Navigation System
Henry E. Soike: Coastal ports of the Pacific Northwest
L. Anderson: The development of modern Columbia river navigation
O. Beeman: Channel optimization – the Columbia river deep draft navigation project
Joe Eastley: Fishing vessels – Innovations and operation proceedings
W.D. Richie: Dredging issues on Puget Sound
L.R. Holcomb: Puget Sound port and trade development
Th.B. Crowley: Ocean towing – The Alaska connection
Maj. Gen. G.R. Robertson & D.D. Speers: Completing & complementary water uses of the shallow draft system
G.E. Monan: Development of the Columbia – Snake river; its impact on anadromous salmonids; and the roles of hatcheries, fish bypasses, etc.

nr. 50

A. Eddie: Modern developments in caissons & their impact on future possibilities in the design & construction of breakwaters
H. b: Development of caisson breakwater technology
P. Aristaghes & F. Bouttes: Caissons with a low degree of reflection
S. Nakayama: Present situation of caisson type breakwaters in Japan
E.H. Harlow: Factors affecting behavior of composite breakwaters
Li Shi: Shipping technology is going ahead in China
Dr. M. b: Disposal at sea of dredged material under the London Dumping Convention

nr. 49

J .D. Simm: Rapid harbour construction at Ras Lanuf, Lybia
Prof. D.C.C. Vandepitte: Reflections on the interplay of science, technology, civ. engineering & society
J.U. Brolsma & D. van der Graaf: Fluvio-maritime vessels on the river Rhine
R.A. Planchar: The development of fluvio-maritime traffic m N-W. Europe
Prof. A. Lederer: Proposals for a sea-river cargo vessel
V.V. Balanin & V.M. Seleznev: Maintenance of lock operation under negative air temperatures & Ice conditions
N.M. Dehousse & S. Rodriguez: The design of large sea locks. A few Ideas to simplify the construction  through the use of self-propelled gates
W.H. Tutuarima & W. van Wijk: ProFix mattresses: An alternative erosion control system

nr. 48

J. Demoen: Belgium and its ports & waterways
B. Faes and  J. Strubbe: The Investment programme for the Belgian seaports & the Inland waterways
R. Léonard, H. Vandervelden and A. Bordet: The network of Belgian navigable waterways
R. Simoen & H. Belmans: Maritime approaches to the Belgian seaports
G. Thues and A. De Jonghe: The development of the port of Antwerp
A. De Wilde: The port of Ghent - An expanding port
R. Simoen et al: The development of Zeebrugge & the allocation of dangerous goods trades in the harbour
N. Hilgers: The Brussels port and maritime ship canal
R. Planchar and V. Dubois: The autonomous ports of Liège, Charleroi and Namur
Y. Kreps-Heyndricks et al: The Terneuzen-Ghent canal — A living line to the sea
J. Seyvert & A. Vanheel: The modernization of inland navigable waterways — Water control — Protection against floods
H.A. Thomas et al: The sea-lock «Berendrecht» at the port of Antwerp
M. Remouchamps: The Strépy-Thieu shiplift
R. Van den Bergh & F. Danse: The modernization of the Albert canal
L.V. Van Damme et al: The Zeebrugge breakwaters
P. Kerstens et al: Experiences with armoured revetments of river banks bonded with colloidal concrete
P. Kerckaert et al: Navigation in muddy areas — The Zeebrugge experience

nr. 47

J. van Dixhoorn: The  ports and waterways infrastructure in the Netherlands - An introduction
R.P. Sybesma, C. Beverloo, H.T.S. Doraela Nieuwenhuis and F.H.B. Berger: The Netherlands policy on navigable waterways, seaports and the North Sea
H. van der Horst: A decade of Rotterdam Port development
W. Vlaramix and I.J.J. van Riel: A decade of Amsterdam Port development
J.U. Brolsma: A new system for vessel traffic management in the Port of Rotterdam
B. de Hoop: The Canal through South Beveland
J.B. Schuurman and T. Groot: Canal improvement in the South-Estern Netherlands
J. Strating: Recent developments in navigation research
J. Lecornu: Economic Study of inland waterway development works in France
J.R. Hanchey & L.G. Antle: Economic analysis of water transportation
Dr. Bell of W.S. Atkins Planning: The Montgomery Canal

nr. 46

J.A. Saisto: General policy adopted for the improvement of ports and waterways in Finland
I. Elo: Handling of products of the forest industry in ports
S. Jaatinen et al.: Water transport of timber in Finland
J.E. Jansson: Maintaining year round shipping in Finland
B.E. Sjöberg: Special features of the planning and construction of channels in Finland
F.A. Cox and L.H. Goombes: The Thames Barrier

nr. 45

A. Macknight: Operational aspects in designing and improving harbours and the use of simulation models
The Autonomous Port of Nantes-St.Nazaire: New mooring notions for large ships in tidal rivers – the Basse-Loire example
Dr. K. Kudo: An approach to system-design of wharves and evaluation of operational characteristics of ports
A. Burgers & G.A. Loman: Statistical treatment of ship manoeuvring results for fairway design
N.F. Campbell & J.A. Zwambom: Richards Bay Harbour – Port operation Manual Mark

nr. 44

W. van Aalst: The Eastern Scheldt Barrier
E.F. Tims, L.V. McLean and R. Van Lopik: A plan for a vessel traffic system for the Lower Mississippi river
Pyman, Austin and Lyon: The risks of collision between merchant shipping and offshore platforms in the U.K. sector of the North Sea
Prof. M. Hager: Maritime and Inland Waterways in the Federal German Republic
C. Rost: Navigable waterways in the S-West of the FGR
A Schieb and B. Müller: Inland ports of the FGR

nr. 43

B. Marchal, M. Sahioul and Ph. Lambarn: Surface wave damping in pervious breakwaters
M. Fuehrer and K. Römisch: The effects of hydrodynamic forces on ships navigating through canals
PTC II Working Group: Navigation in muddy areas
D.K. Zemlyanovski and V.B. Fomin: Tendencies and problems of development of river fleet of the USSR
R. de Paepe: Development, operation and financing of inland navigation in Europe

nr. 42

Prof. Dr. M. Hager: The regulation of the Upper Rhine and the agricultural barrage in Kehl/Strasbourg
H.D. Höft: Protection measures for the “St Pauli Elb Tunnel” in Hamburg
P. Rohrbach and V. Orlovius: A contribution to environmental protection on the Upper Rhine
Prof. Dr. Lackner: Planning, design & construction of the quay wall for the Bremerhaven container handling facility
P. Rohrbach: Federal waterways in the Rhine-Ruhr area
Prof. E. Mosonyi et al: Selected investigations on inland navigation carried out in the Institute for Hydraulic Structures, Karlsruhe
J. Müller: Armoured sheet piles – New design for the protection of banks of waterways and inland ports
J. Mirsch and S.B. Brück: The new lock and dam facilities of Krotzenburg
Rhein-Main-Donau A.G.: Main-Danube waterway – a project requiring the use of new technical processes and solutions

nr. 41

A Fiorentiono et al: Geotechnical aspect of the construction of the Fornelli pier at La Spezia
M. Ohtsuka: Port Island and Portopia ‘81
M. Noyelle: Dry dock N’3 for naval repair in Brest
J. Gressitt: Alumina Transfer Terminal
P.B. Lyon: Oil Pollution in the Shetland Islands – A hazard survey
V. Degtyarev: The effect of bottom dredging on the fiuvio-morphological processes in rivers & river ecology
C.J. Kray: Terminology of some engineering structures
Initial proposals for a basic plan of the Padano-Venitian waterways network

nr. 40

K.K. Gogoi: "Bandalling": a method for river training works
J. Marchal: Calculation method of breaking wave forces and pressures exerted on breakwaters
M. di Paola and G. Mallandrino: Dynamic response of a pile (monopode structure) subject to random waves
R. Tenaud, Y. Coëffe, J. Feuillet: Determination of the measurements of sloping breakwaters taking into account the random character of swell
J.M. Perrin: Role and action of basin agencies in France. An example: The Rhône-Medeterranean-Corsica basin
P. Savey: Work carried out by the "Cie nationale du Rhône"
P.S. Nikerov, E.V. Shtaiger and G.S. Kulikov: In-situ investigations of force interaction of large vessels with deep water berths
V.V. Balalnin and G.S. Musin: Studying the kinematics of flow in the area of the lateral water intake from canals

nr. 39

J.F. Maquet: Determination of a lock saturation point
G.C. Cortemiglia: Effects of harbour structures on shoreline variations along the coast of Italy
C. Salema and A. Fonseca: Evaluation of methods to increase throughput in a grain terminal using digital simulation techniques
A. Puchak and D. Lichy: ARSLOE 1980
K.V. Grishianin: The influence of dredging on water levels and flow velocities in rivers

nr. 38

J.S. Gerrard: Recent developments at Dover's eastern docks
C.G. Koutias: Computer simulation in port planning optimisation
V.A. Tronin and V.A. Malinowsky: Principles of determining the rational limits of river navigation
T.L. Beagley: Shipping and port futures

nr. 32

Dr C.B. Barras: A unified approach to « squat » calculations  for ships
Prof. A. Lederer: Considerations concerning navigation on small tropical rivers
the Oslo Port Authority: The Port of Oslo
Statoil: Oil activities in Norway
Wm R. Murden: The World Dredging Association
E.O. Martti: Pontoon Piers
A. Babovic: Yugoslavs active in ports construction
H. Haar: Improved tendering system employed at Port of New Orleans




C.J. Kray: Handling problems of very large ships in approach channels and manoeuvring areas