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Publication by Delft University Press, 1980, in two volumes on technical aspects related to the design of the Oosterschelde Storm Surge Barrier in the Netherlands.

Editorial board: A. Paape, J. Stuip and W.A. Vernis.

The book is published in two volumes and available via the TU Delft repository:  volume 1  and  volume 2

Contents volume 1
I. The stormsurge barrier and its effect on the estuary's tidal regime
    Overall picture of the project
        by H.Engel
    Development of the design of the Oostersehelde Storm Surge barrier
        by Tj. Visser and G. van Houweninge
    Effects on tidal regime .
        by J. Voogt and A. Roos
    Strategies in barrier control .
        by A. Roos, F. J. Remery and J. Voogt

II. Design philosophy and strategy in the project related research
    Scope and programming of hydraulic research in relation to the realization process
        by J. Stuip and D. Kooman
    Probabilistic load determination
        by Th. Mulder and J. K. Vrijling
    Hydraulic boundary conditions
        by J. K. Vrijling and J. Bruinsma

Contents volume 2
III. Hydraulic research pertaining to specific elements of the structure

    Wave impact forces, consequences tor gate design .
        by H. Ligteringen, D. Kooman, R. M. Korthof and J. C. Stans
    Vibrations of gates and beams .
        by R. J. de Jong, Th. H. G. Jongeling, D. Kooman and H. v.d. Weijde
    Sill-beam loads due to flow and waves
        by D. Kooman and R. M. Korthof
    Stability of the top layer of the sill
        by M. R. van der Does de Bye, A. van Mazijk and R. A. H. Thabet
    Bed protection adjacent to the barrier
        by J. A. Burg, A. F. F. de Graauw and M. B. de Groot
    Transitional structures between barrier and dikes
        by J. P. Schellekens, J. Wouters and J. K. Vrijling

IV. Construction methods and related research projects
    Outline of construction methods
        by T. van der Schaaf and G. Offringa
    Wave and current loads on the piers in the construction stage
        by W. C. de Boom, J. H. van Oorschot and F. C. Vis
    Hydrodynamic aspects of the lifting vessel
        by T. G. Gijzel, T. den Hartigh, T. Kayser, J. E. W. Wichers and J. J. Woortman
    Sedimentation in dredged trenches .
        by H. Speekenbrink, A. J. Bliek, T. J. Boon, J. N. Svasek and N. J. van Wijngaarden