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General databases including Hydraulic engineering publications

Google Scholar  - general search, contains also many hydraulic engineering publications
Civil Engineering Abstracts
Civil Engineering Database - contains all ASCE publications 1970-
ISI -Web of Knowledge 
Scirus  scientific information (searches the web and subscribed Elsevier-sources)
Scopus - multidisciplinary, science, technology, medicine and social science

Specific databases

Aqualine - Water resources, water and wastewater treatment, water pollution
ASFA: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts - Aquatic science, aquatic organisms, fisheries, oceanography
Avano - marine and water
DINOShop - geoscientific data from TNO-NiTG on the shallow and deep Dutch subsurface (click i for more information)
Environmental databases - Environmental Laboratory; ERDC; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management - environmental sciences, environmental policy
ERDC publications - publications of the U.S. Army Engineer Research Development Center
Georef - geosciences, geology
Hydrotheek - STOWA; hydrology, aquatic ecology, water and wastewater management in the Netherlands
IRDOC  IRC Wash library
Land, Soil and Water database - Wageningen University
OnePetro - Offshore Technology and Petroleum extraction (contains full texts from OTC)
Selected Water Resources Abstracts - 1967-1993; U.S. Geological Survey
UNESCO-IHE-publications - Value of water research
Water Resources Abstracts - water
Waterbase -  data on water and matter affected by water pollution in the Netherlands (Rijkwaterstaat)


Other type of database with information:

  Op Maat  - Wet - en regelgeving in Nederland, Europese verdragen,etc. (niet inloggen, maar in de SDU blz op de link "ťop Maat" klikken)
  Op MaatBodem  - Op Maat met toegevoegd extra informatie (jurisprudentie, achtergrond artikelen, etc)
>>klik op "inloggen" op de startblz van "OpMaat_bodem", en dan op de volgende blz op >>opmaat_bodem


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