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This site contains an overview of all background reports published in the framework of the ComCoast project.
For details of the project is referred to the project website:

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ComCoastWP1-01 Spatial Reconnaissance –Technical Report ComCoast Ahlhorn, F.
ComCoastWP1-02 Van dijkversterking naar dijkvervaging: Onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden van brede waterkeringen in Groningen. Oedekerk, M.
ComCoastWP1-03 Comparative Study of Flood Risk Management and Land Use in the Deltas of Rhine River, Yellow River and Mississippi River Huang Bo; Ma Guangzhou
ComCoastWP1-04 Innovo et Emergo: Procesaanbeveling voor een multifunctionele kustzone in Zeeland Roose, R.
ComCoastWP2-01 The Citizens’ Perspective in a socio-economic evaluation? Flinterman, M.; Glasius-Meier, A.
ComCoastWP2-02 Fish utilisation of managed realignments Colclough, S.;Fonseca, L.; Astley, K.; Thomas, K.; Watts, W
ComCoastWP2-03 Water Assets: Summary .
ComCoastWP2-04 The Roach and Crouch Flood Management Strategy: A Case Study for the Economic Assessment and Valuation of Multifunctional Flood Management Projects Thomas, K.; Turney, P.;Sin Nyap Tan 
ComCoastWP2-05 social, economic en ecological evaluation of the polder Breebaart unknown
ComCoastWP3-01 State-of-the-art inventory Van Gerven, K.A.J.; Akkerman, G.J.
ComCoastWP3-02 Development of Alternative Overtopping-Resistant Sea Defences, Porposal for concepts K.A.J. van Gerven, J.W van der Meer, M.A. van Heereveld, G.J. Akkerman
ComCoastWP3-03 Approach to the innovative design of an overtopping discharge resistant dike R. Steenbrink, S.T. Pwa, M.M. Busneili, M.K. Karelse
ComCoastWP3-04 Overtopping resistant dike, Sandy dike unknown
ComCoastWP3-05 Innovative concept for an overtopping dike O.E. Nieuwenhuis
ComCoastWP3-06 Safety Analysis of the ComCoast concept, Comcoast WP 3 W.L.A. ter Horst
ComCoastWP3-07 Development of Alternative Overtopping-Resistant Sea Defences, Phase 2: Elaboration of Smart Grass Reinforcement Concept K.A.J. van Gerven, J.W van der Meer, M.A. van Heereveld, G.J. Akkerman
ComCoastWP3-08 Sandy dike, Comcoast - WP3: innocative concept of an overtopping resistant dike A.A. Koopal, M. Onderwater
ComCoastWP3-09 Innovative concept overtopping dike: Crest Drainage Dike, Theoretical Study O.E. Nieuwenhuis
ComCoastWP3-10 Safety Analysis of ComCoast Concept at Nessmersiel W.L.A. ter Horst
ComCoastWP3-11 Veiligheidsberekening van het ComCoastconcept op Breebaart-polder W.L.A. ter Horst
ComCoastWP3-12 Golfoverslag en sterkte binnentalud bij dijken A.A. Galema, R.H. de jong, K.W. Pruis, A. Wisse
ComCoastWP3-13 Protecting St. Bernard Parish,New Orleans: Revision of the coastal defence zone Mathijs Dijkman
ComCoastWP3-14 Conceptual model for reinforced grass on inner dike slopes unknown
ComCoastWP3-15 Design, construction, calibration and use of the wave overtopping simulator  J.W. van der Meer
ComCoastWP3-16 Wave Overtopping Erosion Tests at Groningen Sea Dyke G.J. Akkerman, K.A.J. van Gerven, H.A. Schaap, J.W. van der Meer
ComCoastWP3-17 Hydraulic model tests of an innovative dike crest design A. Kortenhaus, K. Bollinger, D. Dassayanake
ComCoastWP3-18 Placement of Smart Grass reinforcement at test sections Groningen Sea dike K.A.J. van Gerven, G.J. Akkerman
ComCoastWP4-01 Quick scan of Participatory Action Otto Cox
ComCoastWP4-02 Quick scan of Participatory Action, Summary, conclusions and recommendations unknown
ComCoastWP4-03 Participation - Methods and application in Germany Frank Ahlhorn
ComCoastWP4-04 Public Participation - Do’s and Don’t’s & Key Messages Trazar Astley, Hannah Massey
ComCoastWP4-05 Public Participation UK Case Studies -Schemes and Strategies including costs of participation unknown
ComCoastWP4-06 Building trust with communities toolkit Helen McCallum
ComCoastWP4-07 Building trust with communities – a toolkit for staff Helen McCallum
ComCoastWP4-08 Review of UK literature on public participation and communicating flood risk unknown
ComCoastWP4-09 Working with others, building trust - a guide for staff Helen McCallum, Paul Leinster
ComCoastWP4-10 Participation – Methods and Application in Germany; An overview Frank Ahlhorn
ComCoastWP4-11 Learning from participation; Quick scan of Participatory Action Pol, C. van der; Glasius, A; Winnubst, M
ComCoastWP5-01 De ontwikkelingen in de polder Breebaart resultaten van de monitoring in 2003 en 2004 en een vergelijking met 2001 en 2002 Tydeman, P.
ComCoastWP5-02 Natuurcompensatie Perkpolder <<alleen summary>>
ComCoastWP5-03 Natuurcompensatie Perkpolder <<alleen summary>>