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This page contains links to data from other sources. We try to keep the links updated as much as possible, but they are outside the TU Delft domain, so they may be changed in the mean time.

The following sections are available:

A nice website with online ocean currents, temperature and waves is . To get themenu, click on the word "earth". You may select "air" and "ocean" to swith from air temperature and current (i.e. wind) and ocean temperature and current. In the option "air", you may select the altitude of the wind you want to see. Data are nearly real time.

Wave data in general:

  • NOAA wave buoys
  • NOAA National Data Buoy Center
  • NOAA wave watch III model
  • Svasek free online wave predictions
  • UK wave data
  • UK wave catalogue index
  • Argoss Wave climate system
  • Mediterranean and Black Sea
  • Olas del Pacífico

  • Global view of actual wind, currents and waves (

  • Netherlands

    Data from Rijkswaterstaat (general info):

    Actual data:
    - Discharge - waves - currents - wind at sea - air temperature at sea - water temperature - salinity - tidal predictions

    Previously observed data
    First select what data you need (in tab groups). Then select the period, and subsequently the location (either from a map or from a list, it is better to use the list option). Select in the list all locations where you need data.

    After  having selected this, you may add a second request for download.

    Fill in your e-address, and you receive a csv file with data.

    Design values:


    The royal Dutch meteorological Institute (KNMI) has a database with climatic information, eg. wind data, temperature, air presure, precipiation, etc. 


    The website "Meetnet Vlaamse Banken" provides information along the Belgian coastline. On-line the actual data are available. Previously observed data are available via the website (but you need a password, you may request this via:

    A general overview page with all Flemish data is