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Portal to original data from research on hydraulic engineering

This portal gives access to data and software gathered in the framework of  research (Ph.D./M.Sc-work, special collections and other research) at the section Hydraulic Engineering.

M.Sc. and Ph.D theses
author year report link to data type of work
Arentz. L. 2004 Remote sensing of the river rhine plume link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Baart, S. 2008 Toe structure for rubble mound breakwaters: analysis of toe bund design tools and a method for toe rock stability description data Gerding, Docters vLeeuwen, MAST USACE and Nammuni-Krohn M.Sc. thesis
Bergsma, E.W.J. 2011 Turbulence in shallow jet flows Link to data M.Sc.thesis
Bijlaard, R. 2015 Strength of the grass sod on dikes during wave overtopping Link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Blom, A. 1997 Planform changes and overbank flow in meandering rivers: The river Allier (France) link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Blom, A. 2013 Laboratory experiment of a mixed-sediment Gilbert delta under varying base level link to data data for paper
Blom, A., Chavarias, V. 2013 laboratory experiment of a mixed-sediment Gilbert delta under varying base level link to data Research paper
Blom, J.A.H. 2006 Veldproeven op steenzettingen in Zeeland link to data
M.Sc. thesis
Booij, R., Melis, L.m.N. 1994 Measurements in a Carousel (metingen in een carrousel) link to data Internal report
Broere, A. 2015 Physical model tests on stability and interlocking of new breakwater armour block Crablock Link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Çete, C., Haage, S. 2016 Hydraulic stability of tree trunks on a fixed bed Link to data B.Sc.-thesis
Cong, Mai Van 2004 Safety assessment of sea dikes in Vietnam; a case study in Namh Dinh Province Link to data
M.Sc. Thesis
Crum, S. 2016 Effect of dragging anchors link to data M.Sc.-thesis
de Bake, D.B. 2000 Zand-slibsegregatie in de Westerschelde overview of data M.Sc. thesis
de Gunst, M. 1999 Steenstabiliteit in een turbulente stroming achter een afstap link to data M.Sc. thesis
de Haan, C. 2002 Modellering van rioolstelsels tijdens water op straat link to data M.Sc.-thesis
de Jong, W. 2003
Experimental research on the stability of the armour and secondary layer in a single layered tetrapod breakwater
link to data
M.Sc. thesis
de Klerk, A.; Meulepas, J.M. 1998 Bezinken van zand in hopperzuigers link to data M.Sc.-thesis
de Lange, M. 2010 Extraction Force Xbloc: Model Tests link to data additional M.Sc thesis
de Reus 2004 Het valgedrag van stortsteen onder invloed van stroming link to data
M.Sc. thesis
de Rover 2007 Breakwater stability with damaged single layer armour units link to data M.Sc.-thesis
de Schipper, M.A., de Vries, S. 2012 Monthly morphological measurements of Vlugtenburg beach (NL) - 2009-2012 - diss de Schipper - diss. de Vries link to data dat for dissertations
de Vos,T. 2004
Het stortgedrag van een schuifstorter
link to data
M.Sc. thesis
de Vos, W.J. 2004
Wave attenuation in mangrove wetlands. Red River Delta, Vietnam
link to data
M.Sc. thesis
Dessens,M. 2004 The influence of flow acceleration on stone stability link to data M.Sc. thesis
Dijkstra, O.P.J. 2008 Armour layer stability on a bermed slope breakwater link to data M.Sc. thesis
Ebbens, R.E. 2009
Toe structures of rubble mound breakwater : stability in depth limited conditions
link to data
M.Sc. thesis
Feij, C.C.L. 2015 Wind set-up data in the IJsselmeer lake (the Netherlands) link to data B.Sc.-thesis
Frens, A 2007 The impact of placement method on Antifer-block stability link to data and pictures M.Sc. thesis
Gu. D. 2007 Hydraulic properties of PUR-revetments compared to those of open stone asphalt revetments link to data M.Sc. thesis
Hagenaars, G.S., Van de Vries, C.A.M. 2013 GC mattress construction tests, testing an execution method for freespan remediation link to data B.Sc.-thesis
Hanegang, K..C. 2011 Modeling the Evolution of the Wax Lake Delta in Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana Link to data M.Sc. thesis
Hellinga, L.B. 2015 Stability of Single Layer Cubes on Breakwater Rear Slope (thesis)  -
article 1   -   article 2
Link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Hoan, N.T. 2008 Stone stability under non-uniform flow
link to data Ph.D. dissertation
Hollander, W. 2014 Wave measurements Constantsa (Romania) link to data Internship report
Hollander, W. 2015 Open filters under wave loading, laboratory measurements link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Hoonhout, B.M., Radermacher, M. 2014 Annotated images of the Dutch coast link to data internal report
Hovestad, M. 2005 Breakwaters on steep foreshores link to data (including video) M.Sc. thesis
Huijsmans, M.A. 2006 The influence of flow acceleration on the stability of stones link to data M.Sc. thesis
Jagers, H.R.A. 2013 Planform changes of braided rivers link to data P.D. thesis Twente
Jaspers Fock, D.J. 2006 Vetiver grass as bank protection against vessel-induced loads link to data M.Sc. thesis
Keen, A.S. 2011 Erosive bar migration using density and diameter scaled sediment link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Kik, R. 2011 The notional permeability of breakwaters: experimental research on the permeability factor P Link to data M.Sc. thesis
Kluwen, J.G.M. 2012 Physical model tests of the notional permeability on breakwaters Link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Kranendok, W.J. 2011 Modelling the equalizing process of rockfill dumps with a plough: subsea cut and transport processes Link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Krom, J.K. 2012 Wave overtopping at rubble mound breakwaters with a non-reshaping berm link to data M.Sc-thesis
Khuong Tat Chien 2016 Shoreline Response to Detached Breakwaters in Prototype link to data Ph.D.-thesis
Laksanalamai, J. 2008 Erosion tests with the annular flume Link to data M.Sc.thesis
Le, T.N. 2016 Rocking revisited 1. Rocking of a single cube on a breakwater Link to data M.Sc.-tehsis
Lioutas, A.C. 2010 Experimental research on spatial distribution of overtopping Link to data M.Sc. thesis
Mellink, B.A. 2012 Numerical and experimental research of wave interaction with a porous breakwater Link to data M.Sc. thesis
Merli, D. 2009 Stability of wide-graded rubble mounds Link to data M.Sc.-Thesis
Meertens 2007 Stability of rock slopes under wave attack: Comparison and analyses of the datasets of Van der Meer and Van Gent link to data (o.a. data Van der Meer) M.Sc-thesis
Middag, M.N.K. 1994 Closim, a simulation program on the closure of tidal basins link to software M.Sc.thesis
Mulders, P.H.M. 2010 Breakwaters under construction exposed to oblique waves link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Nammuni-Krohn, J 2009 Flow velocity at rubble mound breakwaters link to data  additional M.Sc thesis
Nederpel, A.C. 2002 Stabiliteit van het achtertalud van een rubble mound golfbreker link to pictures and movies, some data M.Sc. thesis
Ockeloen, W. 2007 Open filters in breakwaters with a sand core: study into the stability of granular geometrically open, hydraulically sand-open filters in breakwaters with a sand core link to data M.Sc. thesis
Oortman, N. 2006 Influence of foreshore steepness on wave velocity and acceleration at the breakwater interface link to data M.Sc. thesis
Oschatz, E. 1996 HISGIS: golvenmodel HISWA onder GIS pakket ARC/INFO software M.Sc.-thesis
Papadopoulos, D. 2011 Damage on rock slopes under wave attack link to data Additional M.Sc. thesis
Papadopoulos, D. 2012 Scour below the toe of breakwaters: Investigation of scour formation through a geometrically open filter configuration located at the toe of a rubble mound breakwater lying upon sand link to data M.Sc. thesis
Peters, R.B.M. 2014 Stone stability in breakwater toes based on local hydraulic conditions link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Radermacher, M. 2013 Effectiveness of Silt Screens Link to data M.Sc. thesis
Siegfried, A. 2000 Morphological Response of the River Waal to Dredging (thesis text is in German: Morphologische Reaktion der Waal auf Baggermaßnahmen) data M.Sc. thesis
Spanjaard, G. 2015 Erosion and sedimentation in the Geul river, Netherlands link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Sveinbjornsson P.I. 2008 Stability of Iceland type berm breakwaters link to data M.Sc.-thesis
ten Oever, E. 2006 Theoretical and Experimental study on the placement of Xbloc link to data and software M.Sc. thesis
Tromp, M. 2004 Influences of fluid accelerations on the threshold of motion link to data M.Sc. thesis
Troost, S.E. 2010 Experimental research on the effects of surface screens on a mobile bed Link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Trung, H.L. 2006 Interacting artificial surf reefs link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Trung, H.L. 2014 Overtopping on Grass Covered Dikes: Resistance and Failure of the Inner Slopes link to data Ph.D.-thesis
Uelman, E.F. 2006 Geometrically open filters in breakwaters data and pictures M.Sc. thesis
Valk, A 2009 Wave overtopping: impact of water jets on grassed inner slope transitions Matlab files M.Sc thesis
van Blaaderen, E.A. 2006 Modelling bowthruster induced flow near a quay-wall matlab data, measurements and pictures M.Sc.-thesis
Van Broekhoven, P.J.M. 2011 The influence of armour layer and core permeability on the wave run-up link to data M.Sc-thesis
Van Buchem, R.V. 2009 Stability of a single top layer of cubes Link to data M.Sc. thesis
van de Koppel, M. 2012 Static and dynamic loads on the first row of interlocking, single layer armour units link to data M.Sc.-thesis
van den Bos 2014 Reflection and transmission through a vertical, permeable breakwater link to data Internal report
Van der Boon, M. 2009 Experimenteel onderzoek naar het effect van Ground Consolidators op golven (Anome) link to data Contract research
Van der Neur 2015 Analysis of the notional permeability of rubble mound breakwaters by means of a VOF model link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Van der Sande 2012 Stability of open filter structures link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Van Doorn, R. 2013 Bow thruster currents at open quay construction on piles link to data M.Sc. thesis
Van Eekelen, E.E.M. 2007 Experimental research on dynamic dredge overflow plumes link to data M.Sc. thesis
Van Kester, D. 2009 Spatial distribution of wave overtopping data and video
M.Sc. thesis
Van Laarhoven, C. 2016 High-Resolution Atmospheric Modelling and the Effects on the Prediction of Wave Characteristics link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Van Oosten, R.P. & Peixo Marco, J. 2005 Wave transmission at various types of low-crested structures using neural networks link to used database and model M.Sc. thesis
Van Rinsum, G.P. 2015 Wind set-up data Grevelingenmeer, Netherlands link to data B.Sc.-thesis
Van Rooijen, D. 2005 The northern sea defence of Maasvlakte 2 link to data M.Sc. thesis
Van Steeg, P. 2007 Wave overtopping aspects of the Crest Drainage Dike: a theoretical, numerical and experimental research link to data M.Sc. thesis
Vanlishout, V. 2008 Oblique wave transmission through rough impermeable rubble mound submerged breakwaters link to data M.Sc. thesis
Verdegaal, I. 2013 The influence of core permeability on the stability of interlocking, single layer armour units link to data M.Sc. thesis
Voermans, J.J. 2013 Turbulence in the wake of a roughness patch link to data M.Sc.thesis
Vu, M.A. 2007 Reduction of wave overtopping by Vetiver grass link to data M.Sc. thesis
Witteman, D. 2015 The shape factor of quarry rock - Reassessment of the value and study into parameters of influence link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Witteman, E.F.C. 1999 Run-up tests on a permeable slope link to data M.Sc.-thesis
Woolaard, W. 1995 Proefeiland IJburg: bepaling theoretisch zandtraject tijdens sproeiproces software M.Sc.-thesis
Zoon, A. 2010 Data from the Elastocoast Experiment, as used by Zoon ( Cobble Sea Defence: Hydraulic Interface Stability of Sand underlying a Single Filter Layer). For a report on the Elastocoast tests themselves, see Oumeraci et al 2009. Original copyright for data is with BASF. link to data Contract Research

Special collections:

Other type of data

Title of report
Link to dataset
Bottema, M. 2007 measured wind-wave climatology Lake IJssel 1997-2007 (IJsselmeer) measured data
Crosato et al. 2010 Experimental study on entrainment of large wood in lowland rivers link to data
Hollander, W. 2014 Wave measurements Constantsa (Romania) measured data
Rijkswaterstaat 1999 Sounding maps of the Western Waddensea 1985-1999

Stückrath, T., Völker, G., Meng, J.H. 2004 Die Gestalt von natürlichen Steinen und ihr Fallverhalten in Wasser (thesis TU Berlin) Rock database + processing software
Thijssen, H. 2002 Oevererosie Hedel, Kerkdriel en Ooijen link to data
Van der Loos, R.M.M., van den Dobbelsteen, A.A.J.F. 2001 Keuzemodel kust- en oeverwerken spreadsheet model en oefeningen
Van der Meer, J.W. 2002 TR golfoploop en golfoverslag (TAW rapport) - bijlage Software (PC-overslag)
Van Gent, M.R.A. 1992 Manual of Odiflocs software
Van Vossen, B., Kuiper, C. 2003 Onderzoeksprogramma Kennisleemtes Steenzettingen, testen van ZSteen1.8 (report, 2003) pressure data