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Codes and standards

NEN Connect - Dutch, European and international standards (full text)

Design manuals

Rock Manual

The use of Rock in Hydraulic Engineering, published by CIRIA, CUR and Cetmef (in English and French)


European overtopping manual, published by ENW (Netherlands), KfKI (Germany) and EA (UK). The above link leads to the official page of the manual.
The pre-release 2016 version (52Mb) can be downloaded from the official website. Via this link the same publication can be downloaded in a compressed version (10Mb).
Paper version of the 2007 edition: ISNB 978-3-8042-1064-6. Download 2007 version. There is also a page with errata and a page with comments for the 2007 version.
The official site also contains a handy computational tool.
The EurOtop manual describes a Neural Network als alternative to the given formulas. The Neural Network can be downloaded from You have to register (free) to obtain access.


PIANC has published many handbooks and manuals. The above link leads to the digital version of PIANC publications of TU Delft. For non-TU Delft users is referred to the PIANC Website

US design manuals

Coastal Engineering Manual:

part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5 - part 6 - annexes 
(Note: at this moment you cannot download the manual from the main page of the CEM, use the links to the individual parts mentioned above)

Shore protection manual (1984)

This manual is replaced by the CEM (see above), but is still used by many people

Publications from US-ACE

The US Army Corps of Engineers has published a number of manuals relevant for hydraulic engineering and other publications:

  FEMA coast construction manual

Manual published by FEMA for the design of structures in flood prone areas in the coastal zone. Open manual with "vol1_front.pdf", browse to the table of contents and open the chapter of your choice by clicking on the (sub-)chapter title. See also "__readme.txt"

USACE NED manuals

A series of manuals on the economics and management of infrastructure. Detailed manuals are available on Economics, Flood Risk Management, Coastal Storm Risk Management, Deep Draft Navigations, Urban Flood Damage, Agricultural Flood Damage

British manuals

CIRIA books

German manuals

BAW-bulletin 88

Principles for the design of bank and bottom protection for inland waterways, English edition, Published by the Bundesanstallt für Wasserwirtschaft, Germany

Dutch manuals

Rijkwaterstaat manuals

Design of Locks (1)
English translation of "Ontwerp van Schutsluizen", by Glerum and Vrijburcht (2000), originally published by Rijkswaterstaat in Dutch (Note: part 2 is not translated in English)

Ontwerp van Schutsluzen
Nederlandse versie van het ontwerphandboek (deel 1 en 2) in aparte pdf's per hoofdstuk

Specifieke Aspecten TunnelOntwerp (SATO)
SATO omvat aspecten van het ontwerp van tunnels

Handboek dijkenbouw
HWBP handleiding voor uitvoering, versterking en nieuwbouw

CUR manuals

Stowa reports

Design handbooks

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