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Via our virtual knowledge center you may access the following resources. Note that some resources are restricted to "on campus" use, or are only accessible with a NetID (CiTG staff or CiTG students). This page can also be reached via or (Delft International Coastal Engineering Assistant). A short overview of relevant TU Delft pages is given here.

Via our repositories you may download full-text documents. The repository start page gives access to TU Delft publications, like theses, dissertations, research reports, articles by staff of TU Delft. Also access is provided to the Hydro-repository, containing many reports by others in hydraulic engineering. Conference proceedings are accessible as well as a number of other relevant texts from Hydraulic Engineering.


Some eBooks only for use by staff and students of Hydraulic engineering:


On-line access to conference proceedings (limited access from outside TU)


Link to Digitaal Trésor der Hollandsche Waterbouw, a collection of old reports on hydraulic engineering (in Dutch only). Includes also the collection of Johan van Veen, as well as many other Rijkswaterstaat reports.

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Codes, Standards and Design Guides

International standards ( NEN, ISO) and design guidelines (like Rock Manual, Coastal Engineering Manual)


Links to (free available) software on water related subjects

Visuals and maps

Links to databases with graphics, pictures and videos to be downloaded. Some info regarding (new and old) terrestrial and hydrographic maps.

International Breakwater Directory