European Coasts - An Introductory Survey
Table of Contents

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Overview map

Chapter 1 The coastal area

1.1 The coastal profile
1.2 Coastal formations
1.3 Use of the coastal area

Chapter 2. The impact of the sea

2.1 Tides
2.2 Waves
2.3 Storm surges
2.4 Sediment transport

Chapter 3. Man-induced interference in coastal processes

3.1 Harbour protection
3.2 Reduction in sediment supplies
3.3 Scour near structures
3.4 Erosion downdrift of coast protection works
3.5 Land subsidence and sea level rise

Chapter 4. Coastal structures

4.1 Breakwaters
4.2 Groynes
4.3 Detached breakwaters
4.4 Seawalls
4.5 Beach nourishment

Chapter 5. Large projects

5.1 The Venice project (Italy)
5.2 The dune erosion research project (the Netherlands)
5.3 The North Wirral Coastal Defences (United Kingdom)
5.4 The Port of Zeebrugge and East Coast Project (Belgium)
5.5 The Ebro Delta Project




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