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For maps is referred to the map room of TU Delft. Here you can also access the TOP10NL maps in DWG format. TOP50 and TP10 in other formats are only accessible via TU Delft or VU login system. The map room has a paper collection of nautical maps.
A detailed elevation map of the Netherlands is available via For the height of an individual location, use the postcodetool. One can make profiles inside the elevation map, using the profile tool.
For all kind of land use in the Netherlands a central access point is pdok (Publieke Dienstverlening op de Kaart), giving information about administrative boundaries, habitats, agriculture, infrastructure etc.). For assessment of risks in the Netherlands info can be found at the Risicokaart.

On-line hydrographic maps are available via various websites.

Photographic Material

Picture Gallery of the department hydraulic engineering

Database with pictures owned by the Department of Hydraulic Engineering,available under a Creative Commons License

European Coasts

Book with pictures of all aspects of European Coasts

Dutch coasts

Aerial pictures from 1990

Aerial pictures from 1994

Dedicated links to panoramio

Netherlands with tag "dijk", "Waterkering"  or "dike"

Worldwide with tag "dike" or "levee"

Beeldbank Rijkswaterstaat

Het geheugen van Nederland, trefwoord: waterkeringen - dijken - sluizen -

Old Drawings and maps

Old Maps

Overview of some high resolution scans
Overview of digitized antique water related maps in the Trésor of TU Delft Library.
Website with old Dutch topographic maps (1815-present)
Access to many antique mapservers: oldmapsonline

Old drawings and paintings

search using "Europeana"

search in "Atlas van Stolk"


This link gives access to all videos of the section hydraulic engineering of TU Delft. Access only for students and staff of CiTG.