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(note: years indicate the active period of the professor in our department; link behind the year will show the inaugural address or the farewell (valedictory) address, or on the language code behind the year)

Hydraulic Engineering J. Kraus (1905) openingsrede TH Delft W.K. Behrens (1905-1924) de Vries Broekman (1905-1936) J. Nelemans (1906-1929) P.T.L. Grinwis Plaat (1907-1911) * A.G. Lamminga (1910-1911) * W. Elenbaas (1912-1913) * C.W. Weijs (1913-1917) * N.C. Kist (1913-1919) J. Haringhuizen (1919-1938) G.H. van Mourik Broekman (1924-1946) J.W. Thierry (1930-1953) (rede 1951) S.H.A Begemann (1938-1954) J.T. Thijsse (1938-1963) P.P. Jansen (1946-1967) N. Nanninga (1947-?)  (Note: after around 1970 prof. Nanninga focussed on Structural Mechanics) J.L. Klein (1953-?) * F.M.C. Berkhout (1954-1966) A.R.H. Brouwer (1955-?) * Van Bendegom (1956-1976) L.J. Mostertman (1961-1985) E.W. Bijker (1966- 1989) H.J. Schoemaker (1967-1983) P.A. van de Velde (1967- 1980) M. de Vries (1975-1995) H. Velsink (1978-1995) J.F. Agema (1979-1985) A. Glerum (1981- 1993)
prof. ir. K. d'Angremond (1990- 2001) J.K.Vrijling (1990-2012) M.J.F.Stive (1995-2016) de Vriend (1997-2013) * Ligteringen (1996- 2010) * C. van Rhee (2008-) * T. Vellinga (2011-2017) * Z.B.Wang (2012-) * S.N. Jonkman (2012 - ) M. Kok (2012 - )* S.G.J. Aarninkhof (2016 (nl - en) - ) M. van Koningsveld
(2017 - ) *

prof.dr. M.J. Franca (2019-) * M.R.A. van Gent (2020-) *

(* extraordinary professors, or part time professors)

Environmental Fluid Mechanics J.T. Thijsse (1938-1963) W.C. Bischoff van Heemskerck (1963-1974) J.C. Schönfeld (1965-1984) J.P.Th. Kalkwijk (1975- 1988) J.A. Battjes (1975- 2004) (dieslecture)
prof.C.B. Vreugdenhil (1978-1987) * G.S. Stelling (1990-) W.S.J. Uijttewaal (2009-) H. Winterwerp (2012-) *
prof.dr. J.D. Pietrzak (2011-) **
prof.dr. P.M.J. Herman (2017-) *

(* extraordinary professors, or part time professors)
(** Anthoni van Leeuwenhoek professor)

Offshore Engineering (Note: these theses are not included in the overview per year as listed below) J.H. Vugts (1993- 2001) * J. Meek (2002-2008) * C.A. Willemse (2008-2011)
prof.dr. A.V. Metrikine (2011-)

(* extraordinary professors, or part time professors)

Theses with IHE promotor J.A. Roelvink
prof.dr. N. Wright C. Zevenbergen J. van der Meer
(the above mentioned IHE professors do also have an appointment as TU Delft professor)

Theses of the department
Hydraulic PhD theses from 1960 until 2016
PhD theses before 1960
After 2016 the repository does not enter the issuing department any more as metadata, so you cannot list all theses from 2017 and later. Instead search on the name of the promoter (see above).

Doctoral theses (partly) made within the department of hydraulic engineering, where the promotor was not a professor of this department:

Year Author Title
1966 Vries, M. de Application of luminophores in sandtransport-studies
1970 Vreugdenhil, C.B. Computation of gravity currents in estuaries
1974 Fernandez Luque Erosion and transport of bed-load sediment
1995 Uittenbogaard, R.E. The Importance of Internal Waves for Mixing in a Stratified Estuarine Tidal Flow
1996 Donselaar. M.E. Barrier island coasts and relative sea level rise: preservation potential, facies architecture and sequence analysis
1998 Verlaan, P.A.J. Mixing of marine and fluvial particles in the Scheldt estuary
2001 Hooimeier, M. Reduction of Complex Computational Models


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