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This portal gives links to full text versions of reports. For e-books, conference proceedings and journal papers is referred to other pages of the VKC-water. 

The main repositories with relevant reports are:


Publications and reports of the department of Hydraulic Engineering
These lists contain both publications of all sections of the department:

Note that (part of) the publications can also be found via the location of the project. For search of publication via their location (using Google Earth maps) go to 


Repository of Hydraulic Engineering reports (DIgitale Rapporten Kast, DiRK-Hydro) - (info for advanced use)

This repository contains many reports on hydraulic engineering, not issued by TU Delft. The reports are mainly issued by or on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, other public authorities or issued in the framework of European projects. The repository can be accessed via the scientific report section of

Direct access is possible via

Direct access to some important clusters of reports:

Reference works from other sources (partly mirrored in this repository)


European projects
Full text versions of reports of some European projects in hydraulic Engineering:


Hydraulic Engineering Classics
A collection of classical papers in Hydraulic Engineering, both international as well as Dutch papers (for Dutch papers see Trésor der Hollandsche Waterbouw).


Books and reports (CiTG NetID and password required)


Conference proceedings (CiTG NetID and password required)

The Maarten W. Dingemans memorial library

This library contains a collection of approx. 700 books (printed, not digital) and is available near room 2.94 of the main building. For more information and a catalogue, use this link.